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The Vitamin called ‘Words’

The Vitamin called ‘Words’

2 Dec, 2017

Thriive Global Ambassador Jasmuheen has a passion for reading and shares with us the three reasons why it’s an incredible source of mental and spiritual nourishment.

Thriive Global Ambassador Jasmuheen devours books like we would devour cupcakes. She reads about five to six books a week because, she says, she has transcended physical hunger and does not need to spend a lot of time cooking food and cleaning up. If you thought she did nothing else but read the whole day (there go your lame excuses for not reading!), she is the Founder of the Embassy of Peace, the lifetime President of GFSS and has written 38 books which have been widely translated.

In a short chat, Jasmuheen reveals the reasons why reading needs to be a part of anyone’s spiritual practice:

1) Reading is time-saving
Jasmuheen has devoted 50 years of her life to understanding how energy flows in the body and the power of Chi to take away all our hunger.  She’s written about it in her book Pranic Nourishment, Living on Light.  Through reading it one can, within a week or a few days, understand what has taken her decades to learn. Reading books on a subject makes it possible for us to learn more about it through others’ experiences. Yet another benefit is that when we read about others going through the same things as us, it inspires us to remain on track with our own practice.

2) Reading inculcates empathy
Historical fiction greatly interests Jasmuheen. She says that reading about times past could activate within us a remembrance of those times we might have possibly lived in previous incarnations. Perhaps we have walked with Jesus Christ or been a disciple of the Buddha. Imagining ourselves in the role of the protagonist generates within us a feeling of empathy. This makes us more understanding and helps build better relationships with the people in our life.

3) Reading helps us in manifesting the realities we desire
Stories reveal to us the existence of many possibilities. With these realities in front of us, we can choose one that most resonates with us. When we fine tune it to align with our true nature, even the Universe has to give in and say, “YUP! You got it!”

So, what are you reading lately?

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