These 5 tools in your smartphone can save time and add to your overall well-being in surprising ways! |
These 5 tools in your smartphone can save time and add to your overall well-being in surprising ways!

These 5 tools in your smartphone can save time and add to your overall well-being in surprising ways!

30 Apr, 2019

I am not Supergirl or even David Copperfield the Master Illusionist. Neither do I have a magic wand like Harry Potter or his friends! But, surprise, surprise! I do have some phone tools that are creating magic in my life and giving me great inspo! They have not only made my life easier but also helped me level up my overall wellbeing!

Yes, I can see the disbelief on your face! But believe me, you too can benefit from these. I’ve listed them below for you. Get them now and set your wellness on the fast track:


This tool in-built into many smartphones can be a boon for your wellbeing. Want to manifest abundance or even become better at any skill. Affirmations can help a lot in making this happen. But instead of using index cards and sheets, go the hi-tech way! Read out these affirmations in your own voice and record them with this voice recorder. Next time you are commuting, instead of mindlessly scrolling through FB or Insta, plug in your headphones and listen to these affirmations. Get set for positive changes, ahead!


Save inspirational quotes or sayings that resonated with you when you first came across them. You can go back and read them, especially on a day where everything is going wrong and you need a little perk me up!


This app is one of the best cloud storage apps to back up and store all the lovely selfies or pics you have been clicking! Get a soothing click of the ocean or the sunset while you were on holiday and later make it your wallpaper! And, save those love-filled, soul-warming pics with your loved ones to gaze upon from time to time. They’ll fill you with gratitude. Who knew this app could actually make you mindful of the important moments of your life?


PAYTM, Googlepay, PhonePe – these are some of the popular payment apps. At the click of a finger you can pay your phone (both mobile & landline), electricity and gas bills. If you’re even more tech-savvy, connect your phone number to your bank account and pay on the go with a QR code or chip! And it’s very easy to operate. Imagine how much time and energy you will save by not standing in a queue! Make the time saved your me-time. Hit the gym or spa, get a massage or meditate! Other popular ones are Googlepay, Phonepe etc!


Because a fit body is the backbone of a fit mind, being mindful of our fitness activities has long-term benefits. Pedometer step counter does not just count the steps you’ve taken during the day. It is your fitness buddy too. It tells you how much you need to walk daily to reach your optimal weight goal. When you do it, it congratulates you!!! It’s got a lot of free features that are useful as well as fun.

Do you have a favorite tool you use? Let us know in comments below!

Geeta Hansaria is a homeopath with a passion for writing, especially food poems, binges on DIY kid crafts and cooks up yummy  ‘thalis’ for her vast Instagram fan following. 

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