This Diwali, Give A Twist To The Festival Of Colours, Cheers, & Celebrations By Gifting Wellness Treats |
This Diwali, Give A Twist To The Festival Of Colours, Cheers, & Celebrations By Gifting Wellness Treats

This Diwali, Give A Twist To The Festival Of Colours, Cheers, & Celebrations By Gifting Wellness Treats

24 Oct, 2019

The biggest and brightest festival of India, which we fondly call Diwali or Deepawali, is almost around the corner. It is one festival when the whole country unites to celebrate the victory of good over evil, often marked by lighting, fireworks, shopping, and sweets. It’s customary to distribute sweets and exchange gifts with friends and family after all the celebration takes place only once a year. 

This is also the perfect time to start things afresh (particularly when it comes to family living patterns). What better than swapping the old-style traditions with modern, healthier, eco-friendly, and wellness-oriented alternatives? One such powerful channel to inspire and motivate others to take a step towards creating change is Gifting! This, if done right, can create a lasting positive impact instead of picking something up that finds a place in a dusty corner of a room. 

Check out some of the most unique Diwali gifting ideas you can indulge in on this special occasion that does not demand to dig deep into your pocket or digesting drugs preventing diabetes. 

Your guide to off-beat, wellness-oriented Diwali gifts:

  1. Gift for food lovers 

Edible things make for the best gifts in any festive season. Boycotting laddoos and burfi’s doesn’t mean you can’t gift any sweets. What better than making a personalized hamper with healthy options such as seed mix, nuts, herbal tea, cold-pressed juice, Greek yogurt, and diet bar? This is probably the most unique and healthiest gift that one can have. These products also make the perfect food for those who are on diet or fasting. Make sure to decorate the hamper as it does not take a lot of time or talent to put things together to make it look more appealing. 

  1. Gift of rest to the givers

Diwali is one occasion that gives us the opportunity to express our admiration, care, and love for our loved ones. From preparing the guest list, deciding the delicacies, to hosting the perfect party, celebrating Diwali can be a daunting task. No doubt, after preparing a wonderful array of sweets, re-arranging closet, and running errands without a halt, a gift that helps to relax and de-stress can do wonders. For such friends and family members, a bunch of essential oils used for Aromatherapy will prove to be the perfect Diwali gift. The best part? You can even offer a complimentary massage with the gift. Gifting essential oils are very unusual but can turn out to be a great one. They not only have a calming effect but also contain healing properties. You can try your hands on peppermint, lavender, lemon, ginger, rosemary, or sandalwood essential oil for gifting purpose. 

  1. Gift to share luck & prosperity

What better than delivering a gift of big, potted indoor plants to your loved ones? Gifting plants is similar to gifting a life – something your dear ones will always cherish. There are different plants you can gift and wish they bring luck and prosperity to the receiver. Indoor plants are not only good for the environment or one’s health but also for home décor. Consider a plant like a rubber plant that is believed to attract positivity and fortune for the home. Another indoor plant which has known health benefits and does not require much maintenance is Boston Fern. Apart from these, there are indoor plants like Jade, Money, and Lily plants that are known to bring positive vibes while beautifying the appearance of the décor. This Diwali, replace an expensive gift with life in the form of a plant. 

  1. Gift of detox and tranquillity

No doubt, spending time with our friends and family during Diwali is fun, but a gift of detox trip to a wellness retreat could do wonders for their health. Sweets, chocolates, and fried foods consumed during the festive season push us all to an unhealthy path, and the best trick to re-bring our health to priority is by taking a weekend full of clean air, zero distraction, healthy food, and meditation. Book a nearby wellness centre as a surprise for your family, friends, and yourself, and take the much-needed downtime. 

Let this Diwali be an occasion to make new resolutions, take health seriously, and eliminate unhealthy lifestyle choices with these innovative gifting ideas. 

Akanksha Shukla is a content strategist, writer by the day and reader by the night- all with the trusted companionship of coffee!

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