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“This incident transformed me forever,” says the International scientific researcher Jerome Boujon

“This incident transformed me forever,” says the International scientific researcher Jerome Boujon

5 Aug, 2019

Thriive Art & Soul is back with yet another empowering edition of India’s larger than life “soul festival.” We have loads of surprises lined up for you! Some well-known international speakers include Andrew Cohen, Dr. Laura Hof, Katarina Marinc, Judy Satori, and Jerome Boujon.

Boujon is a scientific researcher, inventor and renowned expert in sacred geometry. He has been exposed to many mystical experiences in his 35 years of daily meditative practice.  He founded the Diamond Light to spread Diamond Earth to all continents in order to support a social change for a world of Peace and Respect.

He has been the president of an international association of inventors and researchers for 15 years. He is also a multi-therapist as well as a KRI certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga and has dedicated his life to the elevation of human collective consciousness.

In an exclusive interview with us, he gives us a sneak peek into his talk on ‘Sacred Geometry’.

Question: When did you realize that  Sacred Geometry is the right calling for you?

Answer: I’ve always been connected to Sacred Geometry. As soon as my parents gave me my first compass at the age of seven, I started drawing flowers of life without really knowing what it was. During the first geometry class in Middle-School, I used to read the given tasks while instinctively knowing the answer. It was only in 1998 during a mystical experience where I was given three tetrahedrons of light in my heart that my potential got activated. Since then I am breathing, moving, vibrating Sacred Geometry.

Q: How has this journey shaped your life?

A: Following the mystical experience answered in the previous question I had to leave my job working as a geologist to create my first invention: the pyramids of light. I was inhabited by a force that always guided me to bring technological tools of consciousness for humankind. It is my main objective in life.

Q: What shall be the talking points of the talk at the 12th GFSS 2019?

A: I will focus on the basics of Sacred Geometry and the golden number. I will then demonstrate the mistakes contained in the representations of Platon’s solids and I will continue to precise the different types of dimensions known today. Through 3D animations, I will show all the Fruits of Life, the Metatron cubes and the inclusion of all elements, as well as a new classification of Platon’s solids. To conclude, I will talk about the most elaborate multidimensional geometrical form, the unity grid of humanity that we will experience through a powerful meditation.

Q: How has this path transformed you as an individual?

A: I had several strong experiences that developed my extra-sensorial perceptions. Now I am able to see the vibration of almost everything, perceive the reality throughout times, plans and dimensions while being able to interact inside of them. These experiences did completely change my life by allowing me to become a seeker and teacher. They gave me a global vision of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Q: How can our readers incorporate this practice in their daily life? 

A: They will become conscious of the divine perfection of creation and the role of all elements from the human to the cosmic plane. By having a clear vision of the unity grid and by experimenting its presence through the meditation, they will feel this high frequency of intelligence and will sustain the evolution of humankind. It’s way more than just a discussion or a conference, it’s a light activation of the multi-dimensional beings that we are.

Q: Is there any one incident that you would like to share with us?

A: Yes, This is a story of how this conference began. In 2004, during the Easter Sacred Fire Retreat, I had one of my major mystical experiences.
During these retreats, I always draw on the soil a Metatron cube (10 to 15 meters in diameter). In this structure we pray, meditate, practice Kundalini Yoga, dance and sing to burn the old and welcome the new during 5 days and 4 nights. After 36 hours of intensive practice, we danced around the fire singing. I remember well that there was a didgeridoo, some percussion instruments, and a guitar. A 10-year-old girl was singing – she was invested by a great being and I got totally transported by the song. Suddenly, the idea to connect the sacred fire to the crystal planetary grid crossed my mind. I so did put my left hand energetically in the fire and my right hand energetically on the crystal grid and I was struck by the light, similar to the lightning and I lost consciousness.

I remained unconscious for about fifteen minutes, until one sister of light, a medicine woman, managed to bring me back. My words to her were: ‘Take care of the group and do not call for help, let me live my process.’ The group then took me to bed and watched me for 36 hours around clock since I couldn’t walk, speak or function properly in any way. I was neither conscious neither unconscious. A part of me was out of my body, looking down on the physical reality. It was as if I was a part of the sun which was burning strongly in me. I was in great pain and if I moved, it was worse. I stayed in bed, being the fire and the light of the crystal grid.

After 36 hours, one woman participant had the vision to transport me back to the fire. On that Sunday, the resurrection morning, I was carried to the sacred fire and this woman washed my feet like a Christ. I was still out of my body yet I could observe what was happening. I remember that when she added the holy water from Lourdes (Lourdes is a sacred pilgrimage place in France) in the footbath, the fire and the light of the grid went out of my body and I became completely conscious again.

It took me one month to stabilize my body, one year to get to the first understanding of this experience and one more year to draw in 3D this crystal grid which has also other names: the grid of Christ consciousness, the grid of Unity consciousness or the grid of the Diamond Ray.

I have to say that this experience has transformed me forever. This fire and this might have left an eternal imprint on the being that I am. It’s like as if I got the codes, the programs and the knowledge of the grid that I have to understand and, if possible, transmit to others.

Q: What message would you like to give our readers?

A: With all my care and whatever your path shall be, I would like to pass on the message of my first teacher: PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND PRACTICE SOME MORE. This will lead you to shine the light, the love and the wisdom of your Divine Presence for the best of all.

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