Top 10 affirmations to #AttractAbundance |
Top 10 affirmations to #AttractAbundance

Top 10 affirmations to #AttractAbundance

23 Oct, 2019

Affirmation is the newest buzzword in the world of philosophy and spirituality. If you read the top Google articles based on this concept then you are very likely to find promises and claims that may come across overly optimistic. However, these promises are often true, as affirmations hold immense power to change our thought, energy and thereby slowly and steadily to change our lives. This festive season you may be keen to #AttractAbundance in your life and affirmations may be the simplest and proven way to do so. Here are 10 affirmative statements to fill your life with abundance and prosperity:

  1. I am grateful for all the abundance in my life

    Acknowledging everything that makes your life abundant is a good starting point to practice affirmations. This statement also sounds reasonable and will keep the skeptic in, you grounded.

  2. Everything that I have holds meaning

    Meaning and abundance are strongly linked to each other. When you can make sense of something, you start to believe in it and when you believe in something that slowly becomes your reality. Hence, this affirmation emphasizing the meaning in life will bring in more abundance too.
  3. Abundance fills my life with happiness

    This affirmation will tell you the ‘Why’ for your desire for abundance. When you know how and why abundance makes your life-enriching you will ask for it with more conviction and faith.
  4. I will release what doesn’t serve me to make room for abundance

    Everything acquires space in your life and in your mind. Hence, to make room for newer things you will have to offload somethings. This affirmation will remind you that just asking for abundance is not enough but making room for it by getting rid of redundant things is also equally crucial.

  5. I deserve abundance

    This affirmation will unknowingly acknowledge all the work you have done on yourself and all the courage and strength you have gathered so far. Hence, making you believe that you ultimately deserve the best of everything.

  6. I am living an abundant life

    This affirmation will cause a shift in your thoughts. Saying this affirmation will build a positive perspective about your present life and therefore will aid in attracting more positivity and abundance in life.

  7. My life flows with ease to attract abundance

    Whenever we think of the past or present, most of us have a tendency to gravitate first towards our bad experiences. However, this tendency builds negative energy. To acknowledge that life has fallen into a place to attract abundance and cherishing all the good, and bad experiences will attract more such circumstances that fill your life with abundance.

  8. I am infinitely supported and loved

    Abundance is not just about monetary benefits but it is also about love and support that makes our lives enriching and fulfilling. Hence, it is important to address everything that brings in any kind of abundance in our lives.

  9. The Universe is bringing more abundance

    While acknowledging our life and other people around us we must not forget about the higher power that plays an important role in bringing abundance. Greeting that power in whichever form you want to whether it’s the universe or the god will help you to connect with the higher source of abundance.

  10. Thank you for everything

    An affirmation for gratitude is the most powerful of all. Research shows that it not only changes our life circumstances but also changes the way our brain perceives everything. Hence, don’t forget to say or write this exceptionally potent affirmation.

If any of these affirmations do not resonate with you then bestselling author, Julia Cameron gives an effective technique to craft your own affirmative statements in her book, The Artist’s Way. She suggests writing out all the negative blurts that come to the mind regularly and then converting these negative blurts into exact positive statements. This will also help you to craft positive affirmations that are specific to your thoughts and frequency. 

So, what are you waiting for? This festive season includes these powerful affirmations in your prayers and attracts more abundance in your life. 

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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