Top 5 experts that will bring #Abundance in your life |
Top 5 experts that will bring #Abundance in your life

Top 5 experts that will bring #Abundance in your life

5 Nov, 2019

We all yearn for more – more peace, more money, more happiness and so much more. But seldom do we stop and think about how to make this desire, our reality. If you have already pondered over this and found yourself wondering about how to get more and attract abundance then you are not alone. Here are 5 abundance experts that will lead you onto the path full of abundance and glory. Read on to know more about them and check out their websites to select the one whose ideology resonates the most with you.  


  • Abundance Coaching – Scott Epp and Greg Beech


These abundance coaches are all-rounders. Apart from life coaching they also provide business coaching and life principles coaching. So, if you are stuck in your business and are wondering whether it’s other elements in your life that are inhibiting the growth or if your business is posing some unlikely barriers for itself then the Abundance Coaching team is your best bet. As both Scott and Greg specialize in life coaching as well as in business coaching, they will help you with the right diagnosis. They also have a free consultation, free introductory call, and other free resources to get you started on your journey towards abundance without spending a dime.


  • Leisa Peterson


Leisa specializes in coaching about financial abundance. Her coaching focusses on recognizing and breaking the blocks to prosperity. If you are struggling financial woes then Leisa is your go-to abundance coach as she evens out the power dynamics we have with money and teaches you to build an empowering relationship with your money. Leisa will certainly take you on a ride towards abundance that will open the doors of financial prosperity and well-being for you.


  • Carol Look


Carol Look focusses on abundance for health, finance and happiness. Her coaching will help you to get rid of the mental and energy blocks making your abundance journey the one that of self-discovery too. Carol has a team of trained psychotherapists as well who are also abundance coaches. This high-power team will definitely empower you to do some necessary self-reflection and change your toxic patters that may be becoming hindrances in attracting abundance in your life.


  • Eryka 


This abundance coach has a lovely welcoming website that will ease you into the transformation process. With a checklist that helps you to determine whether or not you have abundance blockers in your life, Eryka has a letter written on her landing page that will give you the much-needed dose of encouragement. She has specialized abundance coaching programs that help you to work on your inner critic and one for entrepreneurs to bring abundance and prosperity in the start-up life. Eryka also hosts a virtual retreat that helps you to detox your limiting beliefs and to make room for abundance. You can also find resources such as e-books on her website.


  • Gopi Krishan Bali


This Indian abundance coach is not just focussing on abundance for self but for the society as a whole. His #HappierIndia initiative focusses on developing an abundant mindset in individuals for happier beings who will then become social catalysts. He implements tools such as mindfulness practices to implement this holistic abundance approach for a better world. Gopi teaches you to build a life full of abundance wherein you can uplift others by uplifting yourselves.

Abundance coaches help you in several ways that change your life for better. They help you to believe in yourself and to recognize the infinite potential that lies within. An ignorant mind can never grasp the possibility of abundance, hence, abundance coaching taps into your mind’s beliefs and patterns. As you start to notice and change your toxic thoughts and beliefs, abundance coaches take you on a self-care journey. They help you to do the necessary work on your individual selves to guide you towards your dreams. So, if you feel stuck or feel like your life is incomplete then it’s time for you to meet an abundance coach. Log on to Thriive and find your best fit and take your first step towards abundant life!

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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