Top 5 ways in which the future of electric cars is going to affect us and the planet |
Top 5 ways in which the future of electric cars is going to affect us and the planet

Top 5 ways in which the future of electric cars is going to affect us and the planet

30 Dec, 2019

China, Britain, France, and India are all rooting for electric cars and to stop the production of vehicles powered by fossil-fuels. As the world is grappling with insane climate change emergencies, many alternatives are coming up to reduce pollution and one of them is electric cars. Though many of us are yet to use electric cars for ourselves, here are a few ways in which these cars will change our future.

Cleaner air

You must have heard about horrifying levels of pollution in Delhi. Even if not all the pollution comes from vehicles, it is definitely one of the biggest contributors. As a result, people all over the world are encouraged to travel by public transport and use private vehicles that follow safe emission guidelines. An electric car does not use any fossil fuel and does not even have a tailpipe, hence, it does not emit any carbon dioxide. In cities such as Delhi, these cars will be helpful to make the air a lot cleaner.

Lesser noise pollution

When we talk about noise pollution, it’s not just the continuous honking but the noise of car engines too. Cars with tailpipe and silencers create a lot of commotion hence contributing to noise pollution. This is one of the most important and overlooked features of electric cars, because many people are not aware of the repercussions of noise pollution. Prolonged exposure to high levels of noise may cause permanent deafness, hearing impairment and disturbed sleep too. More serious issues such as cardiovascular diseases and cognitive impairment are also possible with high exposure to noise.

Green manufacturing

When electric cars were first manufactured, the basic models did not have reusable batteries and hence, replaceable batteries sparked conversations around how really green electric cars are. If it has more ‘use and throw’ parts than the traditional petrol cars, are they really bringing down the pollution or are they contributing to it just in a new way? However, with reusable batteries and many other components that hardly emit any greenhouse gases, these cars are actually greener even to manufacture. Hence, it’s safe to say that electric cars will reduce pollution, not just on roads but also in manufacturing factories.

Disruption of the oil economy

A report by the World Economic Forum outlines how our dependence on oil and petrol will reduce drastically as a direct impact of using electric cars. Going all-electric by 2030 will place tremendous pressure on oil-economies and change the geopolitical map of the world. Hence, it is safe to say that a shift from petrol to electric will not only affect the climate but also global politics. Stanford Economist, Tony Seba, argues that with the emergence of electric vehicles the geopolitics of lithium, nickel, cobalt, and cadmium will take centre stage and change the way we look at current valuable resources such as oil. Seba also points out that for the common man the petrol taxes will completely disappear but will be replaced with new costs and taxes changing the entire existing framework of national economics.

Job boom

The process of manufacturing electric cars requires less labour as opposed to their petrol alternatives. Countries relying heavily on the automobile sector such as Germany are said to experience the heavy cost of job losses. However, many claim that it may not all be doom and gloom for automotive economies. Fewer costs of labour will help them to identify newer business avenues and make more room for innovation. This will, in turn, create more job
opportunities. Hence, there may be a mobilisation of labour from one industry to another, not completely wipe out of jobs. The world needs more green technologies and electric cars are one such incredible alternative. Let’s keep a lookout for more such green options and restore our planet from the damage that we have caused over the decades.

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