Top 9 reasons why GFSS 2019 needs to be your next wellness stop! |
Top 9 reasons why GFSS 2019 needs to be your next wellness stop!

Top 9 reasons why GFSS 2019 needs to be your next wellness stop!

11 Jun, 2019

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, knock back fear, and embrace change?

If so, then get set to unleash a powerful new YOU! Come September-end, all roads will lead to the 12th celebration of the human spirit at The Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS).

Yes, “Empower Your Own Change” at the next edition of India’s biggest “soul festival” from 28th September till 2nd October 2019 at Pyramid Valley International.

With profound thought-masters, amazing soul artists & yogic experts, scrumptious sattvic meals, the serenely soothing Pyramid Valley housing Asia’s most powerful Pyramid is all geared up to be the hub of this wellness feast for a 1000+ like-minded community.

So, here are the top 9 reasons why GFSS needs to be your next wellness stop:

  1. Thought-provoking internationally renowned global speakers
    The line-up of Presenters at GFSS has always been a veritable who’s who of internationally renowned Masters who are changing the world one profound thought at a time. Dr. Raymond Moody (USA), Robert Schwartz (USA), Aurelio (Austria/Auroville), Donna Eden (USA), Dr. Fred Alan Wolf aka Dr. Quantum(USA), are some of the awe-inspiring global presenters that have spoken at GFSS in the past.

    This year’s line-up is no less illustrious:

  • Andrew Cohen (USA): a much sought-out spiritual teacher who founded Evolutionary Enlightenment – a spiritual teaching that awakens the deepest and best part of ourselves
  • Jérôme Boujon (France): Award-winning inventor, Kundalini Yoga teacher and world renowned expert in sacred geometry, he invented ‘Diamond Earth’ to activate peace on Earth
  • Judy Satori (New Zealand): Can be best described as a catalyst for activating human potential.
  • Dream Rockwell (Canada): who has intricately interwoven the threads of wellness and entertainment.
  • Katarina Marinč (Slovenia): the creator of the revolutionary Living L.O.V.E method based on the 33 Universal Laws.
  • Nipa Asharam (India): Founded  Eat.Breathe.Smile to help people discover a holistic way of living.
  • Dr. Ms. Laura Hof: Head of Events at Innerfire & certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method.

    Also look out for the much-beloved festival favourites Dr. Newton & Dr. Lakshmi, Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji and Shreans Daga.

  1. High energy group meditations in Asia’s most powerful pyramid

    Meditation is a tried-and-tested stress-buster. And meditating in a group gives one such a boost of energy that the feel-good hormones are in overdrive for a long time even after the event. With deep meditations guided by renowned Masters and Meditators, give yourself the treat your soul craves. Dispel your physical, mental and emotional woes with the panacea of meditation.

  1. Vibrant vibes of a 1000+ like-minded tribe

    What bliss it is to be in the company of people who are on the same wavelength as you, isn’t it? Loneliness is a word you can delete from your dictionary as you bond with this awesome community over meals and leisure time and forge life-long friendships.
  1. Soulful music and dance that celebrate the spirit of life

    Movement + Music + Magic = fun + healing. Join in for the whirling session to come in touch with your inner stillness, and retune the wiring of your brain to the deep, relaxing sounds of singing bowls and gongs. But also be ready to get your perceptions all twisted by the artful illusionist. Entertainment galore at the Art & Soul Xperiences!

  1. Yoga & Tai Chi to balance your body, mind, and soul

    Wake up both your body and your senses with the flexing movements of both Yoga and Tai Chi. Bring your energy centers into alignment and become your body’s own power bank.

  1. The peaceful environment of the lush green pyramid valley

    Feed yourself some soul candy at this meditation powerspot where lush coconut groves sway along water-ways bordered with Zen gardens and waterfalls. Yes, Pyramid Valley International in Bangalore is the gorgeous spot that smoothens your energies and gives you a spiritual high. Whether you are snatching a quick me-time meditation in one of the pyramid power pods that dot the valley or imbibing its serenity, you will always be in the midst of beauty, both within and without.

  1. Range of accommodations from dormitories to luxury rooms

    Whether you’re a backpacker or the head honcho of a company with annual revenue larger than the GDP of some countries, you can book an accommodation of your choice. From dormitories to luxury rooms, find your right fit in the pristine staying quarters. But hurry! These rooms tend to get booked very quickly so grab yours soon (added bonus, get the Special Early Bird Price if you book NOW.
  1. Sattvic, balanced wholesome vegetarian meals to restore nutrition values

    At GFSS everything is designed to energize you: the early morning exercises and meditations, the presentations and the evening heal-tertainments. So, we make sure the food, one of the original sources of energy, is as organic and nourishing as possible. With sattvic meals served at all times, you’ll have more than enough vigour to enjoy, participate in and get the most out of each and every event at the festival.

  1. Mindful engagement for kids with activities like yoga, meditation, art, dance, farming, & storytelling.

    Your fam’s gonna love this special wellness bonding. This festival has something for everyone, especially for the Little Buddhas. They’ll not want to leave the Valley once they’ve savoured its beauty and enjoyed the many mindful activities arranged for them. What better empowering gift could you give them!

The early bird gets a Special Price and also catches the room of its choice. Get your Donor Passes HERE.

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