“Trust that every part of your journey: the good and the bad all lead to your deeper calling” - A conversation with Ritualist Susan Hough | Thriive.in
Trust that every part of your journey: the good and the bad all lead to your deeper calling – A conversation with Ritualist Susan Hough

“Trust that every part of your journey: the good and the bad all lead to your deeper calling” – A conversation with Ritualist Susan Hough

17 Sep, 2018

Susan Hough is a Ritualist and Life Coach as well as the founder of ‘Living Your Gifts’. After 20 years of working in very traditional mental health, Susan knew that wasn’t her path and her search led her to a Daraga Teacher named Sobonfu Somé. Susan became one of a handful of Westerners to get initiated into the rites, rituals and healing wisdom of her tradition. Through the combination of Western and Dagara Wisdom, Rites and Rituals, Susan helps everyone from teens to adults discover how powerful they are.

Susan Hough will be presenting DISCOVER YOUR CLAN at the 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences being held at Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru, from 29th Sept – 2nd Oct, 2018.

We present a conversation with Susan Hough about her journey as a ritualist and how her life purpose has transformed her.

THRIIVE: When and how did you know for sure what your life purpose is?
I can remember as a little girl loving people: helping them, being with them and I remember teachers always asking me to help the other students who struggled with not feeling like they fit in at school. I have always seen goodness in everyone; it was a natural fit for me. Every person I met along the way was special. They each deserved to be treated well and had something special to bring to the table. If I could help someone else feel happier; than I am happier too.

My journey through many modalities began with Christianity, but I felt it limited me. I was always asking questions and welcoming understanding of different spiritual practices; knowing that they are very similar. Community and connection have always been very important to me. Then I met Sobonfu and she showed me that we all have our own unique medicine wheel inside of us – to connect us to the elements and our gifts. In a community, each person is gifted with a uniqueness that is their own. In order for these gifts to function at their highest level we each bring our gifts to the community. In the absence of competition or malice we bring our piece which makes each of us whole. This in turn allows us to go out in the world and be the best we can be. You can change the world when you have your communities’ gifts making you whole.

THRIIVE: How has this transformed you?
I feel every part of my journey has deepened the idea of why I am here and how I am to do it. Having felt the pull to help others my whole life, it was a natural transition for me to go into the field of Social Work. I loved helping others in this role, but always felt there was more. The first time I was exposed to Sobonfu’s book I clearly remember feeling this made complete sense. That there was a physical ritual to go hand-in-hand with an internal transition.

THRIIVE: Could you share any incident that stands out in your journey?
When my spiritual mentor told me about ‘The Spirit of Intimacy’ by Sobonfu Somé, I was intrigued. Reading and re-reading it made me feel alive and awakened. At the time, I was working in mental health and I loved my job. I worked mostly with teen populations, helping them heal emotionally. The Spirit of Intimacy supported my work and took it to a deeper level. Sobonfu’s words reassured me that I was on the right path, but that my journey was just beginning.

I couldn’t believe it when I finally got a chance to meet Sobonfu face-to-face! When I picked up her at the airport, I was nervous and on my best behavior. I was in the presence of a true spiritual teacher for the very first time and I wasn’t sure what to say or how to act. That’s when Sobonfu started telling me some off-color jokes. I didn’t know what to do, so I just joined in on the conversation!

Later she told me that if I hadn’t joined in she probably would have left, because she doesn’t connect with people who take themselves too seriously.

Sobonfu’s teachings changed my life. She taught me about connection to community, honoring spirit, and living our gifts.

THRIIVE: Could you suggest an empowering practice our readers could carry out in their daily life? And also, how.
In the morning when your first wake up, welcome yourself back from the dream world. Wrap your arms around yourself and call in your ancestors, teachers, guides and spirits. Ask them for help and guidance throughout the day. When you step out of bed take time to feel the energy coming from the EARTH. Allow it to connect and ground you. Imagine your feet sinking into the EARTH and bringing you nourishment for your day. During the day, eat with intent – allowing it to nourish your soul. When WATER first touches your body (a drink of WATER, washing your hands, washing your face/showering) ask the WATER to help you reside with the peace within you and to align you with your feelings/balance.

THRIIVE: What message would you like to give our readers?
Trust in connection, your community, your medicine and the gifts of others. Align yourself with these aspects through rituals. Trust that every part of your journey: the good and the bad all lead to your deeper calling. You are here to bring this out into the world in your own unique way. It is our obligation to work together and make a change in the world.

THRIIVE: What can attendees look forward to in your session at GFSS 2018?
An introduction to your own medicine and the understanding that each one of us has a unique gift. Each of you who are present there, will feel more connected to themselves and their community, and feel they are available and perfect just as they are. There will be a pamphlet to take home that will allow each person to become more familiar with their own medicine and the elements. This includes questions specific to each element as well as at-home rituals that each person can bring into their daily practice.


This presentation, by Susan Hough, is an interactive exploration using the Dagara Medicine Wheel to help participants discover which clan they are from and what their names are. It is designed to bring awareness of those attributes that may help or inhibit our happiness and wellbeing.

The session includes an explanation of the importance of discovering who we are and what our names are; a guided meditation centering around the “Spirit Office” and a dive into the Dagara Medicine Wheel and what makes it a useful tool in our daily lives. The attendees will identify their clan and will see themselves in the reflection of others. They will then be guided to recognize, integrate and balance each clan and each element that resides with each of us.

To find out more about Susan Hough’s presentation at GFSS this year you can watch this video – https://bit.ly/2xkK81Y

To know more about GFSS 2018 & to get your donor passes, visit http://gfss.thriive.in/ or call +91 7506424584 / email [email protected]

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