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What is your truth?

What is your truth?

12 Jul, 2019

In our lives, we all go through periods of intense physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual upheaval. We refer to these as ‘Moments of Truth’. Did you ever wonder why? Truth is one of the central subjects in philosophy, religion, and in almost every aspect of our lives. A huge variety of issues in our lives are related to truth.

Although truth has been a topic of discussion for thousands of years, it is still one of the most controversial subjects! The problem of Truth is: what Truths are, and what (if anything) makes them true. But this statement is controversial. Truth, they say, has many facets. This is so because no two people in the universe perceive a particular thing in exactly the same way. Hence we have many versions of the Truth! There is a contradiction in this statement too because Truth, by its definition, can be only one! How then, do we then go beyond the contradictions and controversy surrounding truth? To make things clear, I wish to share the following anecdote from the life of Adi Sankara.

“Adi Sankara, the exponent of Advaita Vedanta had a foolish disciple who imitated the master’s deeds. Whenever the master uttered ‘ Shivoham’ (I am Shiva), the foolish disciple used to immediately repeat it. One day the master in order to teach him a lesson, while passing by a smithy, took a pot full of molten iron and swallowed it. He then asked the disciple to repeat the deed. The disciple could not imitate the master this time and henceforth gave up the habit of imitating the master.”

The actual import of the Truth ought to be captured and lived in order to make the Truth an experience rather than a mere mechanical repetition. This kind of repetition is dangerous. Equally dangerous is rejecting the truth of another just because you have not experienced it.  In this regard, there are three types of people in the world:

• Those who follow the Truths of others blindly without having experienced them.
• Those who reject the Truths of others on hearsay without having experienced the contrary.
• Those who follow Truths that are backed by experience, and allow others to live their own Truths.

The people of the first two types bring about disharmony, unrest, and strife in the world. The people of the third category bring love, joy, and peace into the world. They are the true researchers of Truth!

Become a True Researcher of Truth,
Ye shall know the Truth,
and the Truth shall set you free!

About Dr Newton

Dr. Newton is a Medical Doctor who has specialized in Past Life Regression Therapy and other Holistic Therapies. He founded the Life Research Academy to spread the messages of Self-realized Spiritual Masters and travels extensively all over the world conducting meditation and past life regression workshops and seminars.

He has played a commendable role as the Organizing Chairman of the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – a unique platform for New Age Spiritual Scientists from all over the world. He is the Founder President of the Association For Regression And Reincarnation Research and he organized the first ever Past Life Regression Convention in India to increase awareness about Past Life Regression and establish it as the one of the most powerful of holistic therapies.

Dr. Newton founded the Life University, a Global Center for the learning of Spiritual Science, modeled on the lines of the ancient “Takshashila University” and “Nalanda University”. The singular purpose of Life University is to ‘Awaken Wisdom Within’ and be a beacon of light to humanity ushering in a new way of living based on awakening Innate Wisdom, Compassion, Peace and Joy. He believes that a master should create more masters, not followers, and he has trained thousands of people to become Healers and Masters.

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