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Want to raise happy children? Here’s the key

Want to raise happy children? Here’s the key

18 Jul, 2019

We work really hard at work, don’t we? We strive for years together, save every penny possible and build our small cocoon called family. This family could be your friends or blood relatives. It could be your happy place in the arms of someone you love or in the lap of someone you adore.

Doesn’t reading this give you a sense of satisfaction in itself? That feeling which you get on sleeping on your mother’s lap after a really long day at work is called peace. When you embrace peace for yourself and others, you will- by default remain happy.

Parenting Tip: Raise Happy Children

As a parent, any and each of us just want one thing- we want to raise happy children. Happy can be a very subjective term but, simply put, it is the feeling of joy and contentment. As children, it is important that you teach them to be joyous or content even when it isn’t the best thing to do.

We all know that children learn by example. So the best thing to do is be happy yourself. There is no other way out, really. But apart from you being happy, here are 3 ways to raise happy children:

  1. Health First: There are very fewer chances that you may not have heard about ‘health is wealth’. You must start teaching your children to inculcate wellness as a part of their routine. Teach them to practice one form of exercise like running or so and help them to know that practices like yoga, meditation is integral to them.
  2. Gratitude: As a rule, teach your children to be thankful for what they have. That shall happen when you, as parents will continuously teach them the power of thanking people for all that they do and ALL THAT THEY ARE. Gratitude is about being able to tell them to be content about what they have and work towards achieving more of it.
  3. Give time and attention: No matter how busy you are or how rich you are, you HAVE to invest in your child positively. Don’t overindulge or ignore your child. Your bond with your child is the first “actual bond” that your child will learn from. Every relationship needs time and that is something that you must inculcate in your child. But, also remember to teach them the importance of family time.

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