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What is the big deal about finding purpose?

What is the big deal about finding purpose?

22 Aug, 2019

Not only did it not seem a big deal to me, but I also didn’t know how does someone find one!  Does it drop from heaven? Does it come to you as you walk in a garden that has peacocks!?!? And honestly is all this effort worthwhile? 

Coming to this moment, as I write this article what I’m doing is executing my purpose – purpose to spread wellness and life tips that can grow all of us – this is my purpose and having found it through different platforms and avenues – now I can say for sure it is worth it! 

It’s a paradigm shift in how we see life – what drives our choices, goals and daily actions. Purpose becomes that guiding force. And I would like to clarify here – most think the purpose is devoid of achievement and success – financial mostly and that is so not true! It doesn’t make money bad or not wanting financial prosperity – it just doesn’t let that become the main reason to do something. 

Yes, finding purpose is a big deal. Finding purpose is finding joy, fulfillment and a reason to wake up like an excited child with shining eyes every morning. 

Purpose to me is this simple formula: Art of fulfillment + Science of achievement = Ultimate success. 

I will break this down for you.

Art of fulfillment – This is something that comes from our source and heart that is driven by the inner voice, a BIG YES! The pure love that comes from doing something. The reason I call it ‘art’ is because this might mean different things for different people. From playing your favourite music instrument to cooking great recipes to running marathons to driving a social cause – yes this is all art as we are creating our own magic coming from our respective sources. Even as I write this, my eyes are lighting up!  

Now Science of achievement – this means tangible success in the form of say popularity, bank account, fame, etc. The reason I call it ‘science’ is because there are known formulas to get this. We don’t always reinvent the wheel here – sure, we may move with the progress made in technology and communication but there are known methods. When we get tangible results, we are inspired to even drive our purpose further. Well, remember, the achievement isn’t the driving force. When I started, I didn’t even know where this would take me! I just started from a place of joy. Today I have my own product line and courses that are doing well. So! Of course, they motivate me further. 

Now the reason, finding purpose is a big deal is because who wouldn’t want to bring these two together every single day?!?!?! Feeling joy AND receiving achievement?? It’s like a little piece of heaven daily right? 

There are several paths that can get us to our purpose and I won’t be able to cover this here but I know I would choose to find purpose every day of the week and maybe 3 times on Sunday 😉

I want you to take back the formulae and reflect on it for a little bit. And apply it to yourself to whatever extent your awareness can take you – think about it a little as frequently as you can. Think of role models and legends you look up to that are doing this. Inspiration is the first step to it and we have plenty of stories to inspire us about finding our own purpose.

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