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What is the New World going to be like?

What is the New World going to be like?

24 May, 2020

Is it going to be heaven on earth or doomsday? With so many theories floating around, Divyaa Kummar, a spiritual and meditation facilitator and expert senior Tarot reader, teacher, coach, energy channel and Bach Flower therapist discusses the energetic cues she has been picking up from the universe. How can we understand and access the higher 5D energies of a dawning new era on earth, and live from the heart as 5D energy advocates? What role can each of us play? The outer heaven on earth will look like what we envisage our personal heaven on earth too look like. It will make space for everyone’s dreams to coexist. Embracing diversity in oneness. Respect for nature and the less fortunate will play an important role, a better education and health systems, better standard of living in general, cleaner service oriented politics and businesses will naturally come into being as our focus shifts from merely ‘me’ to ‘us’.
Work towards creating heaven on earth
Heaven on earth won’t be sitting on clouds with harps, it is not some mystical dimension descending from the heavens but critical mass humanity resonating to a higher frequency. In layman terms expanding our consciousness to higher human values, so each of us will make the world a better place.
Reflecting within ourselves
Many people are asking how do we deal with the conflicting data coming our way for the ongoing pandemic. We will come across a gamut of information and messages on the current situation, from very positive ones to disastrous. If we can understand that everything we come across is a reflection of our conscious and subconscious feelings, thoughts, our strengths and positivity, our doubts and fears being shown to us and voiced externally, we can then use it all rather than getting swept up one way and the other.
Empower the positive and disempower the negative
We can claim the positive by believing, focussing, empowering and manifesting it. With the negative, we can accept that it is somewhere our owns fears and doubts being reflected to us. If we are conscious about it, we can release it, not focus on it and disempower that energy within us and externally too. We use the positive to empower and the negative to disempower. It becomes life affirming rather than life depleting way to live, amidst conflicting data. Imagine all the bad news comes our way to help us see it and remove it within ourselves and from universal human consciousness. All the positive news comes to us to empower us within and thus the human consciousness.
Any career is a holistic career in the new world
First we must understand that holistic living is literally embracing the whole that we are as human beings, and ‘spirituality’ is not a separate compartment, but  ‘spirit’ permeates our day to day life too. With this understanding, the world is already shifting to careers which make people feel whole and which makes them feel connected to a higher energy (spirit) than simply making a living. So any career can be a holistic career. The world will move people to doing what they love, what they are born for, find their ikigai, what fulfils and enthuses them and thus exudes a higher energy into the world. Imagine a world full of people doing what they love. That’s holistic, not simply what are conventionally viewed as holistic and spiritual careers related to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. While many may move into ‘wellbeing careers’, the world won’t abandon other careers. We can’t all be into wellbeing only, one can be a designer, after all spiritual people need clothes or a businessman, the new world still needs products or a politician, countries still need looking after etc. Because each one will be doing what they are meant to towards the needs of the whole world, they are also holistic careers. The change will be working towards the larger good rather than selfish motives only.
Children with 5D frequency
Children already are the new world energy. Most of them are born with the 5D frequency. They will contribute by just being themselves in various ways, each playing the role they are born for. We as parents and caretakers should support them in individual ways till they can claim their full power and  allow them to blossom even if differently from us and use gentle means to remind them of who they are. Introduce them to simple techniques of meditation  or self discovery talks, stories or parables depending on their age. Most of all, as parents, lead by example and operate from higher qualities for that to be the fertile soil for children to grown in. Bach flower remedies can also really help children to tap into their full potential.
Service to humanity
Our consciousness is our only true contribution to our world. Thus, through an expanding consciousness, we are in 24/7 service, wherever we may be, through whatever jobs we may hold or not, through whatever our day to day life comprises of. This is being a light worker. If we truly imbibe service to humanity as a very part of who we are, if we live it with our staff and others on a day to day basis, if we give whatever we can to the world with passion and enthusiasm before being asked, then energetically through our consciousness and physically, we empower others to be of service.
Some of us can create platforms to enable others to do their seva, whether it be donation or their time and passion and commitment. We must also be open to the idea that each one will contribute differently.
Find your calling
Divyaa Kummar was one of those looking around to donate for the Covid situation and with so many options, she was confused. She coincidentally spoke to someone who is part of one such endeavour, a NGO called Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care (SRLC). Somehow some connection happened and not only did she share her plenitude, but through her passion and belief in her work, the Covid fund jumped five times more. She feels that it was the seva energy using her as a conduit.
Someone once asked Divyaa to join the Bombay Marathon once and the person became very  upset that a “contemporary spiritual icon” like her could refuse to run for Mumbai. Divyaa gently told the volunteer that if asked to meditate for Mumbai, she would.
“Ask my friend to save the dolphins and she will – as that is her calling! Ask my daughter to look after the strays and she will since that  that is passion. And look at the beauty of this. Each of us resonates to different ways to help the world so that all areas are enabled,” she said.
Let’s create 5 D instead of 5 G
When humanity is united in a common cause, great change is possible. Most of the world’s problems originate in human disagreement. In oneness, humanity’s creative powers are boundless. This time we have united to fight a common enemy – but if we can unite on what we, as the world want to achieve or create, surely we can awaken a deeper power.
Heal thyself, thy beloveds, thy country, thy world 
Three simple but powerful ways to go within to impact the outside. The true point of power is inside – let us all use that.
Raise your vibration
When we vibrate to a higher frequency than our environment, our surroundings cannot impact us but we can impact the environment positively. This is one of the basic principles of energy. Higher frequencies cannot be touched by lower frequencies, whilst the lower can be purified by the higher. Let’s become aware of this and utilize it for health and general well being for self and the world!
Remember darkness cannot enter light. We become our best protection. Just like we are instructed to first wear our own oxygen mask on flights, before helping others, we should raise our frequency and then spread it to our beloveds, country and the world.
Flood yourself with higher emotions
Drench self, every atom and molecule of your physical, mental and emotional bodies with Love, joy and thankfulness. Love purifies, strengthens, heals and fortifies! Science actually shows us how these elevated emotions can help us develop immunity, good health and general well being. Let’s become aware of this and utilize it for self and the world.
Find our means, be it meditative bliss, loving images of beloveds, focusing on all the good in our life, seeing dreams coming true and visualizing the world clapping to celebrate a happy healthy world.
Love knows no opposites! 
Another basic law of energy is if we are in a loving energy field, its opposite cannot enter. If negativity is flowing around, it will bypass those whose energy field is resonating with love. Just like we are instructed to first wear our own oxygen mask on flights, before helping others, first fill with and then pour out love to your beloveds, country and world.
The creator within us in our belief system. That’s why we sometimes desire but cannot manifest, when subconscious doubts come in the way. Another basic law of energy, our belief is our true energy signature, creating likewise. That’s the power of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is 90 percent of your energy signature, and the conscious only ten percent, yet the conscious mind is the teacher/boss/farmer – if we sow the right seeds, the sub conscious is a fertile soil, a willing student and an obedient servant. Reiteration helps, keep feeding it with positivity till it becomes a subconscious belief.
Our belief = Our truth, and truth always wins
And whilst we work from within, we do whatever our outside requires us to do – we follow the norms laid down by our governing and medical authorities, be it social distancing or whatever our part of the worlds requires. Both in tandem, we can heal the world.
Believe that the new normal world is happy and healthy.

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