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#GiveBack: What is the Zero Hunger Challenge and how we individually can start contributing towards it?

#GiveBack: What is the Zero Hunger Challenge and how we individually can start contributing towards it?

6 Dec, 2019

2020 is right around the corner. A year that was supposed to be a milestone for our generation is now upon us. As we move forward with it, it is also important to learn what are some of the important milestones for the years to come. In 2012, the United Nations Secretary launched The Zero Hunger Challenge. It was one of the five elements from the Sustainable Development Goals which were laid out by the United Nations. These elements can – end hunger, reduce malnutrition, and build a sustainable food system across the world.

The United Nations along with the World’s Hunger Relief geared towards achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal for “Zero Hunger.” The Zero Hunger Challenge gives the countries more freedom to take action which can contribute to food and nutrition security in a manner that can ensure sustainable agriculture on the global level. 

How to become a Zero Hunger Challenger?

To become a participant in the Zero Hunger Challenge, you need to be an organization, business, or a partnership firm that commits to taking action to demonstrate, and later quantifiable impact. As you sign up, you are requested to fill out a small form which is multiple options, except for one, which asks you about your commitment towards the project itself. The commitments provided by the participants should either initiate an action or be demonstrable and its impacts. 

The participants pledge these commitments. The commitments need to be very specific and should always have a measurable data to honor them.

To sign-up, you can visit: https://www.un.org/zerohunger/content/join-challenge

The Zero Hunger Challenge plans to increase investment, including through enhanced international co-operation, in rural infrastructure. It also plans to end hunger and ensure access to food by all people by 2030. The Zero Hunger Challenge is developed under these associations – UNICEF, World Food Programme, United Nations Development Programme, and, Food and Agriculture Organization.

You can be a lifeline, for the families who are currently suffering from famine and drought in places like South Sudan and Yemen. You can be a Zero Hunger Challenger by donating to these following associations.

  1. World Food Programme: They are the world’s largest humanitarian agency which is fighting hunger. 93.5% of every donation that you make, directly goes to help children and their families. WFP is responsible for delivering food to more than 75 countries, and whenever the disaster strikes, they are usually the first ones to the response. You can either donate once or give out a monthly donation. https://donatenow.wfp.org/wfp/~my-donation?_ga=2.46522983.1306182528.1575524092-937621440.1575524092
  2. United Nations Development Programme: They are committed to ending poverty and make it a lasting change. UNDP is spread across 170 countries, they try to help countries to develop strong policies, skills, and partnerships to sustain their progress. An estimate of 821 million people is chronically undernourished as of 2017. It directly results in environmental degradation, and biodiversity loss.
  3. UNICEF: Your donation towards UNICEF will provide children with an opportunity to survive and stay healthy in their life. UNICEF works with around 190 countries, where they directly work with their government. UNICEF relies 100% on voluntary donations which funds all their programs. https://secure.unicef.ca/page/31858/donate/1

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