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What need to focus on, to have sustainability in a workout?

What need to focus on, to have sustainability in a workout?

9 Dec, 2019

Have you noticed yourself make a confident health goal beginning of the year to just exactly discuss that on the last day of December (same year!!!) with a buddy sipping cold coffee with whipped cream? Oh yes, you have!!! 

No, do not be shameful – this is a rather common story because our intentions are genuine but we forget that we do not what our GOALS demand but what our NEEDS tell us. Think about it – when we need something and we need it badly, we go after it irrationally, isn’t it? That’s why craving needs gets us to a chocolate cake; financial needs make us get a job and emotional needs make us do loads of crazy things.

So which ‘need’ can change our relationship with workout and workout regime? Which need do we tend to forget when we take annual memberships and make annual goals? One of the most important human needs – VARIETY!! 

Yes, anything that becomes monotonous can get us to lose interest – especially if it is a daily regime!  When we sign the annual membership, we love it for the first 2 months and then there goes the regularity because it doesn’t fulfill the need for VARIETY. 

So come 2020 do not shy away from the enthusiasm of starting a workout regime but make sure you take into account your need for VARIETY! 

This is how you can go about it: 

  1. Make shorter commitments: We get very attractive offers from gyms and classes nearby so we are tempted to sign up annually, STOP right there. Think of just 3 months. I would say just 6 weeks but if that is too short then 3 months. Even if it gets a bit more expensive, long term you won’t be penny wise pound foolish! 
  2. Multiple options solving the same goal: So, if it is cardio that you want to do, do not just think of a run but what else can give you a great cardio class? Dance? Boxing? HIIT? Brisk walk? Similarly, if it is muscle building, then what are your options? Crossfit? Strength & Conditioning? Functional training? Personal training? Then rotate every 3 months – this will make a massive difference! 
  3. Doing nothing is also variety: When I ask my clients about their workout regime, they will proudly say I do 6 days a week but also have inconsistent patterns – which means start and then stop everything! Well, we need a break and that adds variety as well. So, 4-5 days maximum I would say and 2 days rest. We feel insecure when we don’t and think we will put on – but think long term balance.
  4. Change locations: My gym is in Marine Drive, my classes are behind my house, different parks for just a brisk walk. It all adds up for freshness and newness. 

There will always be exceptions to this who can do the same workout everyday but most people need VARIETY. I am a health coach and this is my profession and yet I too need VARIETY to sustain and have fun. So come 2020 – make killer goals with loads of variety. 

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