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Why ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix Is Perfect For Your Wellness

Why ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ on Netflix Is Perfect For Your Wellness

23 Mar, 2019

The spanking new Netflix series “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” opens the viewer’s eyes on the healthy advantage of decluttering. Obviously, in this series, Marie isn’t in for pure entertainment, her practical advice on decluttering has successfully inspired her audience to live a brighter, healthier life.

How does she relates a clutter-free life with good health?

According to Marie Kondo, when someone starts decluttering, their initial reason is to make a change. The change (which is a more organized home or workspace) can help reduce stress. As we all know, anything that reduces stress automatically improves health and wellness.

She also emphasized on why cluttering happens

Often, people receive gifts and items from friends and family or their loved ones and the emotional value they attach to it makes it tough to give them up. This attitude relates to hoarding.

Even if hoarding is triggered by either stress, depression or other issues related to mental health, it still remains unhealthy. This is a vicious cycle because hoarding contributes to unhygienic living conditions which further adds more stress to your body.

Fewer items bring more simplicity and gratitude

When your items are few, your life becomes simpler because you don’t have to think about all your things. That’s good health.

According to Marie Kondo, “If an object actually helps us achieve what we intend to achieve then we tend to care more about it, but if it’s the other way round, we get careless with it, so why live with it?”

What’s her killer tip on decluttering?

Decluttering can be confusing. To facilitate the whole process:

  • Put a date on your calendar to start.
  • Map out two hours from your calendar on the first day for a great start.

Putting an effort to decluttering will also give you a sense of achievement and serenity. You’ll have confidence and feel good about yourselves.

What could be healthier than that?

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