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Why was a complete lockdown essential for the Earth’s spiritual growth?

Why was a complete lockdown essential for the Earth’s spiritual growth?

Every system has a soul, is alive, and can be transformed. 

A big shift in our being, in our existence, was required to break from the toxic pattern we were all following – the pandemic and the lockdown has helped us move from patriarchy to matriarchy. 

The descriptions in this article are not gender based but driven by the nature of energy and value system. Masculine energy (patriarchy) and feminine energy (matriarchy). 

Masculine energy defines survival instinct, practicality, materialism, aggression, confidence, stability, security, strength, etc. in a person while feminine energies defines spiritualism, intuitive abilities, sensitivity, love, connection, nurturing etc. in a person. Masculine energy is about ‘doing’ while feminine energy is about ‘being.’ Every man or woman has elements of both energies. For life to be balanced both energies are required. What matters is which energy takes precedence in us. As that defines approach towards life. 

Till now, our society has largely been patriarchal, which is masculine, survival, and energy driven. Earlier it started with men being given priority and position over women, as they were the bread earners of the household. It created inferiority among women which later led them to leave their basic nature of nurturing (feminine) energy, and trying to become more masculine to get equal priority and position in the society. 

The world so far

In patriarchy, being driven by needs of survival, people were competitive, work was given precedence over family. We first heard men and then later women being busy with work, and family was put on the backburner. As roles got entangled, expectations from each other were left undefined. Children felt abandoned and unloved. Leading to conflicts, misunderstandings and distances in relationships, followed by loneliness, frustration, stress and emptiness within and outside. This led us to claiming false self-worth by defining possessions, activities, habits and relationships. In the emptiness, we started destroying self, others, and the planet. 

Eventually, the patriarchal approach to life left both men and women bruised, and caused dis-balance on entire Earth. 

Rise of the Feminine Energy

As we say, everything has a reason to exist. Patriarchy was the base on which further development of mankind had to be based for deeper growth, transformation and evolution. We got so bruised, there was no choice left but to change and evolve. 

Nature revolted. It turned and took over. Nature is something which is natural, is innate, basic in-born quality of a being. Spirituality (beingness), is the most natural quality of a person. Matriarchy (feminine energy) driven existence, is the natural quality of a being, and now we all at a mass level are forced to move towards it by Nature. 

Under this lockdown, both men and women are forced to go inwards, stay at home, connect with each other and their families. The conflicts among people are coming up which would eventually get resolved and balanced. Working men and women who have still not explored their feminine side as they were too busy with work are now getting time to rest and connect with themselves. Connecting to their being (feminine energy) is softening them up. Staying at home is also making them connect to their household work and spend time with their family members. Earlier in households where men used to be commanders, they are now getting involved. Females are getting to connect back to their basic nature, spend time with their family members, children, and getting support from men. 

All unnecessary possessions, activities, habits and relationships which were false means of claiming self-worth have suddenly come to a standstill and people are only connected to what is necessary for their core being. 

Beginning of a new era

This is beginning of New Earth which is Matriarchal. Where feminine energy which is love, sensitivity, connectivity, relationships and family will take precedence over masculine (material/survival based)energy. People would be deeply connected to their being and have trust and faith in the energies higher than us to take care of us and our existence. We will learn to surrender and operate from being then doing. Rather than only doing. Females will realise their self worth and will not have to be masculine to claim it. Men will start honouring their internal feminine and give priority to it, which would get reflected in their external approach and relationship with females. As people would be deeply connected to self and others, there would be understanding, harmony, oneness and balance within making one feel fulfilled, contented and aware about activities. Leading to more fulfilling, content, joyful, blissful and blossoming family, society, nature and planet. 

Why did everything on earth needed to be under lockdown? 

Physical spaces have memories too. Everything on earth needed to be restructured, including physical spaces. Those spaces also needed to detox. Hence a complete lockdown. The process is still a work in progress, this was just the beginning, foundation towards new way of being. There is more to come…let’s look forward to it.

Antaheen Komal is a Multidimensional Systemic Constellation facilitator & Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Pranic Healer and Intuitive Healer based in Mumbai. She guides you to work with your subconscious mind and soul consciousness vastness across different energy fields and dimensions of existence, including family ancestral lineage.  She carries 19 + years of experience dealing in human behaviour. She holds Masters in Communication Management from Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad, Masters in Global Communication from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. Worked in Corporate World in leadership positions for leading brands…then moved on to understand deeper aspects of spirituality in 2009. She completed her certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy from California Hypnosis Institute of India, Systemic Constellation Facilitator Certification from Aurosystemica and Pranic Healing from Pranic Healing Foundation. She is founder of Antaheen Wellness Centre based in Mumbai. 

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