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Will your child be successful? Find out with Astrology

Will your child be successful? Find out with Astrology

3 Aug, 2020

Most parents expect their children to become doctors, engineers, lawyers etc. with an expectation that the child will be successful in life. What a lot of us don’t understand that success can come in many ways, what we need to do is identify what is best for our children and help them achieve that. If a natal chart is prepared at the birth of a child, a child’s life purpose which reflects a child’s career, success and the future challenges, it makes life decisions easy for you and your child. An online consultation with an Astrologer can provide a clear representation of the soul journey of your child by assessing the planetary positions, strong planets and Ascendants in a natal chart in order to make informed decisions. This will help you and your child both be happy and in harmony with each other.  Avril Rodrigues, an expert in Cosmic Astrology, Tarot Cards Reading and Meditation discusses how Astrology can help a child to achieve success. She also discusses the remedies to attract success.
Strong influence of planets for success 
If a child has a strong influence of Saturn in his/ her natal chart, then he/ she is likely to be successful in business. If there is a strong influence of Venus in the chart, it indicates that the child has a very good scope in creative field, be it as an actor, singer, dancer, writer etc. The 5th, 6th and 9th house in a natal chart has to be strong along with the Ascendants since it determines success in career.
Remedies for attracting success 
Jupiter is the most powerful planet that helps to achieve success in a career. If a person does not have a powerful influence of Jupiter in the 8th, 9th or 10th house or in the lagna in the natal chart or if Jupiter is in the enemy house,  then the person is likely to face delays in achieving success in his career. Yellow sapphire, citrine and topaz should be worn to nullify the effects of a weak Jupiter in the natal chart.  If the Sun is not powerful in the natal chart, then the person is likely to face problems in career. Parents can chant Gayatri Mantra early in the morning looking at the sun and pouring water on the ground to nullify the effects. This brings strength and vitality to face problems.
Chances of travelling abroad for higher studies 
Children tend to go abroad for higher studies when Mercury and Jupiter are favourable in their charts. Both the planets symbolise travelling abroad. If the positioning of  Mercury is strong in the charts, it is good for studies.
Achieving fame
When Jupiter and Sun are powerful in a natal chart, a child is likely to become famous in adult life. Actors, sports personalities, artists and people in the media become famous when Jupiter and Sun are powerful in their charts. They also bless us with wealth and finances.
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