Worried about what your kids will do during GFSS 2019? Here’s your guide  | Thriive.in
Worried about what your kids will do during GFSS 2019? Here’s your guide 

Worried about what your kids will do during GFSS 2019? Here’s your guide 

17 Jul, 2019

GFSS 2019 is obviously your wellness stop for the month of September. There is so much that you can do at the Pyramid Valley International (PVI) that you will barely have time to worry about anything. But once a parent, always a parent, right? We understand that the “Empower Your Own Change” at the 12th GFSS will need you to re-focus on what’s important. 

So, we curated a series of wellness activities for your children too. As early as you start meditating or training your child to design a healthy life, the more your toddlers will reap its benefits. 

Here are the 3 things that we have planned for your tiny wonder: 

  1. Kids yoga: Ever wondered why there is a constant emphasis on kid’s yoga? It is simply because it is highly helpful in everything from improving concentration to better decision making. Yoga is a life skill that needs to be taught early. We are sure they’ll not want to leave PVI with this empowering gift.
  2. Gardening: There is nothing better than helping the Little Buddhas with living their childhood to the fullest. Playing in the lap of nature is, by far the most enjoyable and cherishable experience for any kid. Your little wonder would love to get dirty while learning the way to grow lives. Gardening in itself is a therapy and we have made sure to help your child with this! 
  3. Cooking: Let’s please agree that cooking is a survival skill that each of us needs to learn. We’ve got a way to unlock the little Master Chef in your kid. So get entranced in your growth while letting us immerse your toddler in the realm of wellness. 

This festival has something for everyone. Make sure you grab this opportunity in order to welcome the world of soul-cure and soul-indulgence. Get your Donor Passes HERE.

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