Jasmuheen’s spiritual service towards humanity has been about raising the collective consciousness to co-create a healthy, harmonious world that honours all life. A meditator for over 42 years, Jasmuheen is the lifetime President of the GFSS in India. She specializes in deep inner plane journeys using the alchemical meditative process. This empowers people to merge even deeper with their own enlightened nature. She is the Founder of the Embassy of Peace and implementer of its Personal, Global & Universal Harmonization Projects.

Since the early 1970’s, Jasmuheen has been experientially researching ancient, alternate nourishment sources that can feed everyone – on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The aim is to co-create a peaceful, harmonized world in which global hunger has been eliminated. She sheds light on the free, limitless inner resource that exists within each body. One could then unchain one’s dependence on the world’s resources and gain freedom from many perceived human limitations. In fact, since the last 20 years, Jasmuheen has been living without the need to take physical food.

As an Ambassador of Peace for the Embassy of Peace programmes she provides deeper connections and insights into the powers of Pure Love coming from the Source. This is in addition to the evolution of the Divine Feminine that we on Earth are beginning to witness. She has been invited to work in over 33 countries and has written 38 books, now in18 languages. Jasmuheen attracts people from all over the world for her sense of humour and her simple yet powerful techniques that transform their lives!

To know more, visit www.jasmuheen.com


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