Judy Satori

Judy Satori has been described as a way shower, activator and catalyst for human transformation. She transmits through her hands, voice and eyes, the “Light Language” energy. This was conveyed to her by Elohim, the creator aspect of God. It was part of a Divine Plan to transform humanity for the next phase of Earth’s evolution.

Judy’s journey with Spirit began when she met a being of Light, Balthazar, during meditation. After a year, she was stepped up to work with other Ascended Masters such as St Germain, Djwahl Khul and Kuan Yin. Archangels Michael, Metatron and Vyamus and many other spiritual beings also guided her. In 2002, she was telepathically informed that Earth was ready for a shift to the 5th dimensional energy pattern and vibration. This meant that earthly bodies would need to go through a process of ‘re-synthesis’ and ‘re-genesis’. The time had come for those on Earth to develop a consciousness of peace, love and unity with all life.

Nothing of this made sense to her but Judy kept faith. Then one day she began speaking, spontaneously, the language of Light. Judy Satori became equipped with the unique ‘word’ energies that would empower her to “recode the DNA”. Streams of light, energy and sound flow through Judy. This generates peace and love in those exposed to her work by activating specific changes to the human genome – the DNA. All instructions for human life creation at the cellular level are contained within it. These ‘word’ energies invigorate the physical body while awakening the soul to its immense spiritual potential. The multi-galactic languages which Judy communicates are designed by Spirit to clear the sabotaging energy blocks and beliefs of past life trauma.

Judy Satori is the author of ‘Sunshine Before the Dawn’, a story transmitted to her by Spirit about the true origins of the human race.

To know more, visit www.judysatori.com


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