Kaya & Christiane Muller

Kaya is a spiritual teacher and author. He is also an internationally renowned speaker on the interpretation of angels, dreams, signs and symbols. He is also the President and co-Founder, with his wife Christiane Muller, of UCM School & Publishing House, a non-profit organization.

His commitment to philanthropy and dedication to humanitarianism is an inspiration for millions of people on the planet. He has the capacity to understand and explain how human consciousness works through symbolic language. This is an extraordinary source of knowledge and understanding. He is also an excellent pedagogue and lecturer.

Kaya helps us understand the autonomy of consciousness as well as our immense angelic potential. For him, an Angel is a symbol par excellence of a person who dreams and who travels with his conscience. It is an ideal metaphor for a human being who has discovered his infinite potential. At the same time, an angel depicts the physical and metaphysical multi-dimensions of the human consciousness.

His book, The Source Code, a Dictionary on Dreams, Signs & Symbols, is a best-selling book in the field of dream interpretation, signs and symbols. It is an equally important book on the personal, social and medical levels. Kaya is working with a team of engineers to build advanced software that integrates symbolism with Artificial Intelligence and robotics. Kaya’s life path and his intense spiritual journey are testimony that each and every one of us has the power and capacity to transform our own life, to re-build it.

Christiane Muller grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, in a comfortably well-off and yet modest family. She spent her childhood and teenage years helping her parents, morning and evening, while continuing her studies. From a very young age she was deeply influenced by the courage with which her great-aunt faced the many tribulations in her life (including the suicide of her husband and amputation of one of her legs). This was the genesis of the compassion and humanitarianism that became a vital part of Christiane’s life.

As a single mother, Christiane joined the banking industry and was on the top rung of the corporate ladder. But when she travelled to India, her life took a 180° turn. This trip caused her to reflect on and question her values and the true meaning of life and achievements. She began to explore and study different techniques of self-development and integration of humanitarian aid into her daily life. She travelled to Canada to deepen her ability to dream and understand its symbolism. There she met Kaya, who later became her husband. Christiane has left the materialism of the world far behind. She now finds spiritual contentment in conducting workshops to guide the unemployed, teenagers and the elderly. She helps them to understand the meaning of their lives and the ordeals faced along the way. Through helping others, Christiane has discovered the potential and strength of emotional intelligence (EQ), dreams, signs and symbols.

This soul-longing to make a difference through their humanitarian works has led Kaya and Christiane to continue to write many bestsellers, all of which have been translated into several languages. Their books are available in many countries across the world. They continually travel in America, Europe, Africa and Asia to spread this teaching.

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