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5 types of men who lurk on Tinder

5 types of men who lurk on Tinder

4 Feb, 2020

Men you find on Tinder are the same as the men in the real world except they reveal their true colours really quickly. 

That’s the pro and con of online dating—fast forward mode. 

Swipe, match, unmatch, everything can happen within seconds, minutes or, at max, days. Ditto for meet, date and break-up. The fast-paced world of online dating can be daunting for a newbie. So if you are new to Tinder, brace yourself. You may have to left swipe 100 profiles before you find one you’d like to hook up with. And if you are looking to find someone to date, then you are definitely looking at a swipathon.

As you wade through the pics of gods, celebs, scenic locations, cars, bikes, and quotable quotes, you find an occasional side profile pic or the hint of a bio or the rarest of them all: a descriptive profile with a real pic and a bio. That’s when you need to figure out the kind of man at your fingertip! Here goes your starter kit:

  • The MBAs

You may wonder why people treat a dating app like a job portal as you see many bios with MBA. But, that’s not their degree, it is the acronym for ‘Married But Available’. An alternative is “single in your city” or subtler versions like: married men are not bad, or don’t judge, or of course the outright declaration of “unhappily married” or “separated”. How you swipe each of these profiles depends on how cool you are with dating a married/ unhappily married/ married but separated guy. 

Note for the naive: If he hasn’t been divorced yet, he won’t do it just ‘coz he is dating you, so don’t right swipe, meet and set yourself up for heartbreak!

  • The NSA, FWB only  

‘No Strings Attached’ or ‘Friends With Benefits’ is what this popular dating app has a reputation for and you will find many men who seek to match, hook-up and move on. The ones who don’t prefer these acronyms also say that they are polyamorous or looking for ‘discreet’ women.

Keeping it casual Rule 1: Make sure you have enough protection and the guy is willing to use it.

  • The Masseurs

Usually, sex workers and their pimps put up profiles as massuers with a guaranteed happy ending. If you are not looking for paid fun, then you know how to swipe. 

Sugar mamas beware! He may say ‘Discretion Guaranteed’, but you need to decide how much to reveal and who to trust.

  • The Sugar Daddies

These guys are typically older men who may either say that they are looking for sugar babies or indicate it through their profile pics. If you see a guy surrounded by Vegas showgirls and the bio says ‘Live Life King Size’, take a hint. 

All those who are looking for paid fun may not necessarily look at themselves as sugar daddies, especially if they write that they are looking for company to travel (very different from travel buddies). When they say they are willing to splurge for tickets and the whole experience, they are looking for someone to provide a “girlfriend experience”. 

Don’t wanna be a sugar baby? It’s not just the sugar daddies, many men feel entitled to a kiss, caress or more if they even treat you to dinner just ‘coz you met through Tinder. If that is off the table, make it clear.

  •  The Sapiosexuals

It has become fashionable to claim that you are turned on by smartness. Not every person who puts sapiosexual is looking beyond your obvious charms. Don’t be taken in by one of the most sexist expressions—beauty with brains! Also, don’t be intimidated by those who show off their mental prowess by mentioning their Uber rating or MBTI personality type. They are just trying too hard to impress the sapiosexual in you. 

Call his bluff! Quote Rumi, debate politics, discuss impressionist artists, rave about Tharoor’s books or whatever he claims was a major turn-on! Plus there is always a slim chance that you may actually hit it off!

This is not a list of every type of man on dating apps but most men do fit in one or the other category and if they don’t, then that’s most likely the guy you should be hearting or right swiping! 

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