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5 wellness traits that can ensure healthy compatibility in a relationship

5 wellness traits that can ensure healthy compatibility in a relationship

17 Jun, 2019

Right from playing FLAMES in school to measuring several common factors on dating apps, we all are eager to know whether we are compatible with our love interests. When we speak of compatibility we think of common likings, hobbies, career goals, life philosophy and so on. Seldom do we think about health care habits as our compatibility measure. Wondering how health care routines reflect the health of your relationship with your significant other? We tell you how!   


A couple who exercises together stays together. When you and your partner like to work out together, not only do you end up spending more time but also, indulge in the same kind of work out. Liking similar fitness routines tells you that you both choose to uplift yourself in the same manner. Well, this could be an indicator that you both might walk the same path for a long time and maybe forever. We are just saying!

Digital Detox

Overexposure to electronic gadgets drains out our energy and leaves us feeling fatigued for prolonged periods. When we take a break from our gadgets and all the social media indulgence we tend to conserve a lot of our mental energy. Such digital detox is incredibly important to filter out the content we consume and to not get too involved in the irrelevant stuff on the internet. If you and your partner share this wellness trait then you have definitely found your lobster (you’d know that reference if you’re a FRIENDS fan!).
Most people these days don’t realize the harmful effects of social media and get carried away in the number of likes and shares. A keen interest in taking a break from social media is an indication that you value your real life more than your virtual life and that you are insistent on investing your energy in the here and now including your relationship. You two love birds are definitely going to enjoy digitally free time with each other.   

Eat together

If you both share a liking for the same palate then it’s a match! Dinner dates won’t be fun if you are having a delicious Keto meal while your partner gorges on fries and wine. When you both eat healthy, choosing a restaurant for a dinner date or lunch date is not an endless task. You both not only agree with each other’s choices but can also surprise one another with the best culinary treats.


Most of the problems in relationships arise when you start to prioritize the other person over yourself. This not only makes you lose your self-worth but also makes you dependent on the other person. A healthy lifestyle speaks volumes about self-love. You taking care of yourself is an indication that you know your value and that you don’t depend on other people for validation. This, in turn, makes you more likable making your romantic relationship stronger. Don’t forget to love yourself when you are falling in love with someone else.

Wellness retreats and getaways

Whether you like to go in a trance on a yoga retreat or hike up the mountains to develop your stamina, wellness retreats surely do test your patience. Going for wellness getaways together will make your relationship more cohesive. As traveling brings out a person’s different side, it will also help you to understand each other much better. So, the next time you hit the road don’t forget to ask your partner as well!

Who could have thought wellness traits could identify your compatibility with your partner so well? Now that you know, don’t forget to hit the gym together or invite them to your yoga class the next time you fall in love with someone!

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems

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