Are You In A Toxic Relationship? These 5 Signs Say Yes |
Are You In A Toxic Relationship? These 5 Signs Say Yes

Are You In A Toxic Relationship? These 5 Signs Say Yes

18 May, 2018

Watch out for these 5 red flags of an unhealthy relationship. By Sonia Rao.


Any relationship, be it personal or professional, is ideally one of mutual respect and co-operation. But sometimes the share factor gets skewed and toxicity sets in. Often it is very apparent such as in physical abuse. In which case, it is best to run away from there, ASAP. But at other times, the situation slides downwards so subtly that it can be years before one realizes they are in a disempowering situation. 

Here are 5 red flags to watch out for to make sure the relationship is healthy and gives you the happiness you deserve.


1) Lack of trust:Pic Source

Doubt hinders growth. Without trust each person’s inputs cancel out each other instead of becoming a vehicle of exponential expansion.

2) Only one-sided benefits:         Pic Source

You may be a fount of love and kindness but if you are the only one giving to the relationship before long you’re going to be depleted and turn resentful.

3) Constant criticism:        Pic Source

When criticism is not constructive but only a means of one-upmanship and showing contempt, it completely jeopardizes the relationship.  

4) Cold communication:Pic Source

Intimacy first begins with speech before it turns physical. If each and every aspect of life cannot be discussed easily, without being judged, that’s a huge red flag for the relationship.

5) Energy suck:       Pic Source

When spending time together drains you emotionally, mentally and physically, it’s time to re-think your relationship.
Sonia Rao is the Editor-in Chief at Thriive Art & Soul.

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