Attract your soulmate with Angel Cards |
Attract your soulmate with Angel Cards

Attract your soulmate with Angel Cards

6 Aug, 2020

Angels are always around us and they communicate with us through signs, symbols and Angel cards. They connect with our subconscious mind and  provide divine guidance through Angel Cards reading. An Angel Card Reader, along with deciphering the messages on the cards, also communicates with the Angels through psychic medium to provide accurate solution to the clients. Sometimes, we may get jaded due to failed relationships in the past and we are utterly confused. We desire to meet the ‘one’, who is meant to be with us forever. All it takes is an online Angel card reading to predict your love life and compatibility with your partner. Ishaan Sood, a Tarot Card Reader, Angel Card reader and a Channeller discusses how Angel Card readings can help to know your compatibility with a soulmate.
Favourable Angel cards
If a spread of Angel cards which are pulled by a reader consists of messages like Romance, Don’t stop, Trust, You are ready, Yes, Peaceful Resolution, Take action, Be positive and big positive changes ahead, it means that you are on the right track to finding a soulmate.
Finding your compatibility with your soulmate
If a Yes card with an exclamation mark is pulled, it means that you are ready to meet to your soulmate or you both have already met. If the cards pulled have messages like remain positive, yes and big changes ahead, it means that the person should stop focussing on the negative aspects of his/ her life and he/ she will find a soulmate at a later stage, even if he/ she is facing issues in a relationship presently with another person who is not meant to be.
Other modalities clubbed with Angel cards reading
Sood states that only Angel cards are not enough for predicting your soulmate. He combines Tarot card readings and Oracle cards along with Angel Cards reading. He also helps his clients to dissolve the emotional and mental blockages through Reiki, Kundalini healing, psychic healing, Past Life Regression and Siddha healing with the blessings of Lord Shiva and Mahadevi. It is important to release these blocks and clear the negative energies that may hold a person back from attracting a soulmate and living happily ever after.
Past life connections, unfavourable planetary  positions, ancestral problems passed down in this life, unfulfilled vows and promises made in past lives, the intentions and karma of a person are assessed to provide remedies to a client who may be facing issues to attract a soulmate. These remedies differ on a case to case basis. Chanting Mantra, performing poojas and wearing gemstones are suggested as remedies.
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