Birthday during the lockdown? Set goals and learn to manifest |
Birthday during the lockdown? Set goals and learn to manifest

Birthday during the lockdown? Set goals and learn to manifest

27 May, 2020

Self-love has different expressions for each one of us, especially when it comes to birthdays. We all want to feel special on our birthday. This time around, now that we can’t go out and have a birthday party, why not do things differently? Pamper yourself, redefine your goals and learn how to redefine your reality. Shweta Chopra, a life coach, hypnotherapist and a Reiki healer discusses tips to make yourself feel special on your birthday and to utilise the day productively.
Plan your goals
Plan your goals in a one-to-five year time frame, wherein starting from the broader picture, you narrow down to the minute details. Define ten long term goals of next five years according to your desires.
Goals for a year – Prioritise the three most important goals out of ten goals and plan out the details in a twelve month time span. Set your birthday as the tracking date for the goals every year and evaluate how much you have accomplished and what needs to be accomplished. Divide the details in a quarterly deadline and plan your action steps.
Reverse the idea of not doing anything on your birthday this lockdown to doing something worthwhile that not only sets the day apart but adds value too. You can always make your birthday your milestone tracking day. The dopamine rush you will get on  your special day and the pleasure of accomplishing goals will make you feel blissful.
Pamper yourself with love
There is a unique and customised way of enjoying, entertainment and self indulgence for every person. Focus on pampering yourself in a way that is congruent to your spiritual growth. There is no greater self pampering than bringing balance and wholeness to our soul.
Plan your resolutions a month later after your birthday 
It is advisable not to have a resolution on a new year even if it is very much against the popular belief. The energy on the new year is spiritually high and many of us ride this high wave and make exaggerated resolutions and promises to ourselves. But as soon as the excitement dies down, within a week or so, majority of people find themselves struggling to keep up with their plans. Make resolutions a month later from a peaceful and balanced space when you are your authentic self.
Focus on self development
The journey of self-development is non-linear. We are constantly met with challenges, roadblocks, and taking a leap of faith into the unknown. Keep a check on your feelings and situations to be learnt from. Every time you walk out of a difficult situation without feeling triggered, you will know that your lesson has been integrated.
Self-reflection and grounding
Reflect on the three basics of having a simple rule of cherishing the good, integrating lessons from bad experiences, and working on resolving uncomfortable situations in the present moment. Ground yourself often by writing about the lessons you have learnt during the year and how they can help you to improvise.
Reserve time for yourself 
Be vocal about the time you need for yourself on your special day. Let everyone know that you will appreciate not being disturbed during your personal time. Maintaining a healthy boundary is a tool you can choose in any area of your life, even on your birthday. You don’t have to worry about hurting others because most of your friends and family members understand what you want and they will largely support your needs without being offended. Ensure being gentle about expressing your needs.
An Attitude of Gratitude
One of the best practices is to start your day with an attitude of gratitude towards everything. As the day expands, sit with gratitude for a longer duration, and extend this intentionally generated feeling into a perpetual emotion. Appreciate the creator and His creations. This is a practice that you can do to maintain resonance with God. If you want to indulge in religious rituals, pray with the emotion of gratitude and an intention of surrender. Spending time with God in gratitude can change our entire perception towards life.
Reassess your priorities
Every day is a special day and a birthday is one of them. Reassess your priorities and reschedule your goals , if some of them have not worked out earlier. Birthday is a good reminder of growing old and wise. Time is ticking away but making the best of this time is always in our hands.
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