Can you get over your heartbreak with Past Life Regression Therapy? Here's what our expert says! |
Can you get over your heartbreak with Past Life Regression Therapy? Here’s what our expert says!

Can you get over your heartbreak with Past Life Regression Therapy? Here’s what our expert says!

2 Jun, 2019

Time is the greatest healer – we’ve heard this often (and might even be guilty to having said it too) especially to those who are experiencing a breakup. Of course, there are many ways of getting over a broken relationship.

But I’ve had many cases where people who have been devastated by a break-up of their relationship have bounced back with the help of Past Life Regression Therapy. In fact, they have gone on to form healthier and happier relationships.

Every case is unique and depends on the person undergoing the therapy. A general PLR process for heartbreak follows these steps, though:

1. Calming down the turmoil

This is the stage for physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing.  The therapist guides you to overcome your emotional turmoil. After this is done, you are ready to travel to the past (could be previous lifetimes too). Regression helps you to see why this break up took place and also to see what you might have done in the past to attract this situation into your life now. Here, you will also meet Masters & Angels who help you to understand the lessons you were supposed to learn from that relationship.

2. Learn the lessons and break the loop

It’s often said: “Every relationship teaches us something about ourselves.” And every relationship you are in will continue to teach you the same lesson till you have mastered it. The Universe will continue to bring such situations into your life. This happens a lot in love relationships. So, get smart and get out of the loop of these unhealthy relationships. In this stage of the process, you become aware that you have to change yourself if you want to get off of this wheel that’s going nowhere.

3. History-taking step

In an intimate relationship, questions such as “Why does he not appreciate me”, “Does he really love me or not?” are a sign of a fractured and unloving self. This happens because you are projecting your innermost hatred towards yourself.

Before wondering why someone does not appreciate you, ask yourself when was the last time you complimented yourself. Or, when was the last time you made yourself your priority.

A trained therapist will help you to understand your disempowering emotional patterns. A good therapist will do this without being biased or making judgemental presumptions. Their focus is on guiding you to reach a state of complete happiness and growth. When you are happy and in love with yourself you will be the very best version of yourself.

And once you’ve understood these lessons, you’ll get an understanding of why that breakup had to take place. And in future relationships when you bring your whole self into the relationship, your unconditional love for yourself will attract the same to you.


About Radhika Deshpande


With over a decade of practice in Past Life Regression, Radhika Deshpande has been successfully providing healing solutions for both physical and mental issues. A gold medalist from Life Research Academy (Hyderabad), she is today a much sought-after PLR Presenter. Her wellbeing programmes for parents of children with difficulties has given astounding results. Her meditation workshops for school kids has found a brilliant response. Radhika is also an award-winning artist, with reputed shows who also conducts clay and pottery workshops for students as well as corporates. Under her label “Raaa” she offers fabric bags, silver jewellery and clothing. Radhika chooses to pursue art and healing to empower people to realize their full potential.

 We are fortunate to have Radhika Deshpande on board as a Thriive-verified PLR expert. You can connect with her HERE.

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