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Celebrate your soul mate(s) this New Year

Celebrate your soul mate(s) this New Year

24 Dec, 2019

First I am going bust a myth about who is a soul mate – soul mate isn’t someone who you get along 10/10 with! Soul mates are people sent in our lives to challenge us and drive us higher. It can be a friend who keeps you grounded, a partner who encourages you to be the best version of yourself, a sibling who challenges you to push harder, or just about anyone. We can have multiple soul mates during a lifetime – it is just that we don’t recognize this and therefore, don’t celebrate these angels sent to us by the kind universe. 

In the coming year, let us celebrate soul mates in a way that each time we do, we go one step higher! 

A romantic partner: I know there are very few who recognise a soul mate in their partner when actually many of us have one! Just because we have differences and day-to-day banter, doesn’t mean someone might not be our soul mate! So if you have a partner who shows you the mirror to take you higher and has the intention of growth, then they might just be your soul mate! So observe and realise they are your soul mates – let them know what added value, show them gestures of appreciation now and then, make some weekly rituals with them – in small and big ways celebrate this soul mate.

A friend: While we have different sorts of friends, there are some friends who are soul mates – we laugh with them, cry with them, share with them and also grow with them. They tell us when we are mean; they tell us when we are messing up; they tell us when we victimise ourselves, and they tell us when we need to get our act together! Without them, we know some realisations in our lives would never happen and some parts of us we would have never loved again – they play an instrumental role in helping us see the beauty in us and the world. Celebrate these soul mates – make a monthly date, write letters to them, surprise them with little things to show their significance in your life! 

The special soul mate: They are special but we see it more as a difficult relationship! Difficult because they are here to shake us up and break our patterns – it seems more like ‘why me’ but then you realize ‘yes I know why me’ – I am talking about the ones that bring challenges in our life – a sibling, a parent, a difficult friend, a tough boss, a strict teacher so on and so forth. We think of them as people we might not get along with or have a strange bond with but here is the truth – they were ‘specially’ sent to us in this lifetime through a relationship that we cannot ignore – the relationship itself compels us to get out of our comfort zone and change the perspective. We all have these people in our lives but we did not see them this way. Take a moment here to see who around you has been a special soul mate and celebrate this in your prayers by expressing gratitude – send them a lovely message of love or just take time out to spend some quality time with them. When our perspective about them changes, our relationship with them transforms. 

These three kinds of soul mates are worthy of every celebration in the coming year. They are little angels in your life that universe sent – so make the new year, a celebration of soul mates and feel the blessings.

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