Confused between your best friend and boyfriend? Thumb rule - ALWAYS, choose your BFF |
Confused between your best friend and boyfriend? Thumb rule – ALWAYS, choose your BFF

Confused between your best friend and boyfriend? Thumb rule – ALWAYS, choose your BFF

21 Apr, 2019

“Sisters before misters”, “friends turned family”, “Best friends forever” are very common phrases you may have often heard. And, there’s a clear reason for it! It is because there is always a perception attached to boyfriends. We often associate best friends with honesty, frank opinion, security, comfort and transparency. But we associate a boyfriend with expectations, perfection, outer beauty, control-freak, possessiveness and justifications. That’s where you may be going wrong.

It could be the constant justifications and expectations that come as a package in many relationships.  It’s not also true that all boyfriends are made in the same mould. But yes, it’s always advisable to pick your best friend over a boyfriend, and here’s why!

Best friends have seen you at your worst

According to an old adage, “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” and sure enough, it is very true. This is so because, your besties have seen you in your worst state, both mentally and physically. They have seen you in your pyjamas with no make-up or even while you were sick and puking after a rambunctious party. And, guess what? They didn’t judge you!

(PS: We don’t mean that your boyfriend may judge you but don’t you automatically display your best self around him?)

You can express yourself freely

Well, before you call me stupid for assuming that you can’t express yourself in front of your boyfriend, hear me out! Gosh, isn’t it always easier to call your best friend and hurl abuses at them to vent out your anger than call your boyfriend and induce logic in every conversation?

Yes, it is. And, that is because your childhood buddy will never say, “Oh, you’re over- reacting” or “You’re being too clingy.” True that, because they are the ones who’ll push you to be your true self in every situation.

 No need to look or be ‘perfect’

Pyjama party at bestie’s or clubbing with boyfriend? This is a straightforward  question with the first option as the only answer. Ever wondered why? Because you don’t have to dress up or pretend to behave correctly. You don’t have to cringe uncomfortably in your super-hot figure-hugging clothes or even keep your cool and pretend like you are totally comfortable. You can behave the way you want to and just pass out when you feel like.

No pressure of constant updates

Have you wondered why you find yourself texting your best friend more often than giving an important update to your beloved? No, you aren’t alone. That is, literally, ALL OF US at some point. Yes, that is because when you text your bestie a random, “Dude, I’ve reached,” or “Babes, he hasn’t turned up yet,” you don’t expect an immediate philosophical or cheesy one-liner like “the best will always take longer” or so on. But validation from your best friend is always the ONE thing that’s very important.

Also, updating your bestie constantly isn’t really a mandate and that just means no pressure. (P.S: No further questions like, ‘How long are you taking?” will ever pop up.)

No judgmental relationships to deal with

Your bosom friend’s parents or relatives are never going to judge you on the basis of how you look or speak to that extent. And brownie points for not having to force yourself into talking to their relatives every now and then to maintain your ‘smiley’ face.

Best friend and Boyfriend: What if it is the same person?

No one can ever deny that being in a relationship with your best friend is genuinely a boon. If you ever find yourself in a romantic relationship with your boon companion- Congratulations, you are just plain lucky.


Any search on the Google about this question will lead you to just one definitive answer- choose your best friend over boyfriend. It is because friendship is more about self-improvisation without the fear of being imperfect.

While we wouldn’t say that it is best to choose one over the other, we strongly suggest that you ought to be downright grateful if your boyfriend is your best friend too!


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