Dating Your Dosha: Did You Say Pitta? |
Dating Your Dosha: Did You Say Pitta?

Dating Your Dosha: Did You Say Pitta?

4 Jul, 2019

It’s 5 am in the morning and you are barely rubbing the sand out of your eyes while your better-half has already sprung into action? The curtains are open, tea is made, breakfast is ready and the partner is running around the house like there is some inherent fire in their belly. Seems familiar? Oh, then your partner is a Pitta!

Pitta folks are all things balance. Full of energy, love and ample loyalty- they can be great lovers. They have a jarring attitude, ambitious goals, and strong digestion. They love to hear out to you but, nobody can escape the wrath of this fire! Pitta people have a very dominant quality of Agni or fire. That’s why, for them, everything is about clarity, perfection, and definitive endings.

Hot-headed, opinionated, challenging, intelligent, as well as motivated, are some traits that define them well. However, here are some tips that you must follow if you are dating a Pitta:

  1. Communication: They’re very social in nature. Clear and intelligent dialogues are the most important things for a Pitta. They are passionate about debates but hate arguments.
  2. Anger: Fire can be synonymous with anger. Right? That’s a problem. When you date a pitta, make sure to not disagree blatantly. Pittas are quick to get angry and quicker to calm down. So by nature, they love cozy, cold surroundings- in relationships as well as physical environments. Don’t get all clingy!
  3. Stability: They love stability. They crave for love from the right source. If they believe that you are the right person for them, you’ll be treated like a prince/ princess. But if they believe that you aren’t the right one, you will be trashed without a second thought. They place loyalty and honesty above everything. So you cannot play around with them.
  4. Love for food: Comfort is their go-to stop at all points of the day. Food is their first love. They are known to have large appetites and quicker metabolism and strong digestion. So, food dates are definitely the thing to opt for.
  5. Massage: Pampering themselves is something that Pitta look forward to, at all points of the day. If you want to give them a delightful massage, go for sensually soothing oils like Ylang Ylang, Jasmine or Geranium.

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