Dating Your Dosha: Kaphas, This Way Please |
Dating Your Dosha: Kaphas, This Way Please

Dating Your Dosha: Kaphas, This Way Please

4 Jul, 2019

You hate leaving your bed. Your relationship with that cozy bed is so strong that every morning you snooze the alarm five times before finally waking up. Food, blankets and comfort hugs are your things. Is that you? You are a Kapha person then!

Some people just seem so much like water, don’t they? They have a flowy nature and get influenced by other things around. There is a free flow of thought and action yet, they are too calm.

Cuddly, composed, detail-oriented, calm, easy-going, compassionate, stubborn, resistant to change, thoughtful and resistant to let go could easily be the description for kapha people. They can easily mold themselves according to different situations but have major attachment issues.

Dating and Dosha

Two Vatas together could result in kitchen warfare, two pittas can burn the roof down while two Kaphas will have no ignition at all. That’s why it’s best for a Kapha and Vata to be together just as much as Kapha and Pitta! Ayurveda, as a science has been quite accurate in its love prediction. Here are 5 things you must know if you are dating a Kapha:

  1. Profound Loyalists: Being loyal is their thing. They are known to be in long-term relationships and do not leave people at the lurch. They will be with you in your thick and thin- literally. Likewise, they cannot bear people cheating on them. Their passion in love takes time to build, they get into a relationship only when they are sure but, once the passion is built- they’re here to stay!
  2. Kindness is their department: Kindness is totally something that they are an epitome of. They carry the baggage of people’s emotions, expectations, and worries. They’re super sympathetic and strive to solve everyone’s problem. If you are dating a Kapha, you’ll be amazed at their quality to love and be kind- even in worst circumstances. They’re the kinds who will show sincerity in their actions and love with all their heart.
  3. Sleep is love: Kaphas are like these hug-bears who are comforting, together as well as sleepy. They can sleep as long as you don’t wake them. They can pretty much sleep anytime and anywhere in the world- No, we mean it.
  4. Nudging: If you are dating a Kapha, you will have to literally make the person move. Kaphas love the comfort of their home and hate to move. You will have to kick them out of their bed, throw their car keys off the roof, hide the TV remote and literally throw them out of the house to get them to move. So the next time your Kapha partner is making an excuse of falling sick, make sure they’re actually not lying to sit back at home!
  5. Detail-oriented: Kaphas are great listeners and highly observant. They don’t let go of emotions, memories or actions. They notice everything and understand to their best capacity. They’re amazingly particular about what they say, do or understand.

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