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Daughter’s Day: Teach Them The Art Of Self-Love

Daughter’s Day: Teach Them The Art Of Self-Love

22 Sep, 2019

With Social Media predominantly ruling our lives and cultures, it is very easy to get influenced by anything we see online. Perfection is reigning the market whether it is in terms of what we think or how we look. There is a perfect picture of everything and especially around the behaviors and looks of a woman. She should be sleek, smart, independent and at the same time caring and selfless. There are so many paradigms around a woman’s image that we somehow forget to teach our daughters the importance of self-love. 

Self-love not only keeps you happy and fulfilled it also encourages a love for other beings. Loving yourself doesn’t mean you have to be selfish or only think about yourself but knowing where to draw a line while offering yourself. It is very important to look at yourself in the mirror and see happiness and success rather than feeling bad. Self-love is the single most important gift you can give yourself for a happy and fulfilling life. But if you don’t believe me here are a few reasons how self-love can help you grow and see life from a totally different lens. 

You become your own love bug: It is not a very random thought that we expect love from people around us and are dependent on them for love. Well, it shouldn’t be like that because it takes the ability to make decisions from you and someway or the other your self worth is at stake. Love yourself and then you won’t get depressed about any approvals set up by the society or anyone. 

Help you scrap out those toxic relationships: We sometimes tend to give so much in a relationship that we forget about ourselves and put others at the priority. This might sound like a good idea for someone in love but it can be very dangerous.  But once you get to know your worth and have enough respect for yourself, you will know who is worth it and who is not.  

Self-love always overpowers self-doubt, always: There must have been many times when you look at yourself and find a flaw. Well, isn’t that what makes you different than everybody else? If you love yourself, no scar or body weight can ever make you feel bad or less beautiful. 

Teaches you to create boundaries in a relationship: If you are the one who could never say no to anyone, self-love teaches you to be kind and firm at the same time. It teaches you to stand your ground and be confident for yourself. 

Encourages you to accept yourself: Always strive for better and don’t settle for anything less than your goal but believe in yourself. If you don’t accept your flaws and respect your qualities, you are just in for a toss. Believe in yourself and let the inner goddess take over. Accept your shortcomings, work on them or just find your peace because plastic surgeries or shortcuts to success are not the right way to perfection.

You would know the importance of treating yourself well: Acknowledge your endeavors, treat yourself with respect and love. Take care of yourself and always find a way to take yourself out for a shopping day or a nice, relaxing spa. Celebrate yourself and your success, get over the criticism and self-doubt and you will see the beauty of being in love with yourself. 

You know, a happy person always does good for others and hence self-love is a very good idea. You might not believe but the power of happiness is supreme and it is highly contagious. Be the smile you want to see everywhere and get out of this nexus of perfection and idealism. 

Do what makes you feel good and trust me you will never regret it! Yes, there are still a few things that never change because you have to finish your work or go for meetings but don’t forget to treat yourself after a hard day at work. 

Love the ones who are doing it and also to the ones who know it is right. Let’s decide this daughter’s day that before telling our daughters to be selfless, we must teach them the importance of self-love. Happy daughter’s day! 




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