Delve Deep: 3 Relationship Mistakes To Avoid |
Delve Deep: 3 Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

Delve Deep: 3 Relationship Mistakes To Avoid

17 Jul, 2019

When you see the chartbuster film ‘Tamasha‘ and look at how Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) is this carefree person in Corsica, you feel like a part of yourself is yearning for that vacation. Isn’t it? But when he gets back as this routine-controlled thing at work, you feel even more relatable to that character. That very scene when Tara (Deepika Padukone) refutes his proposal on his birthday, a part of your heart sinks.

Ever wondered why does she really have to do it? That Tara is you and that Tara is ME. That is all of us wanting that one relationship to work till death but it is also her who wants him to be himself at ease. That movie, believe it or not, teaches us where we go wrong in our relationships. Want a successful relationship? Of course, you do. Then READ ON…


As I got to writing this one, I started constantly thinking about almost all the relationships I consider important. Be it your relationship with your spouse, partner, best friend or parents, one thing remains constant- COMMUNICATION. And however hard that you may try to deny it, miscommunication spoils most of our relationships.

Relationship mistakes can never be averted but here are 3 commonly made mistakes that you must TOTALLY avoid:

  1. NOT BEING YOURSELF: Love dolling up for your partner, don’t you? You want to put on that perfect winged eye-liner or that near-best white shirt, ironed to the neck- so speckles, you want that flawless skin too. You genuinely want yourself to be tamed and controlled and sound like his best confidante ALL THE TIME. But you know what you are doing? You ain’t letting him or her know you really. Further, just throw that mask away. Be yourself at all times of the day. Do what you want to stay as you are. DON’T LOSE YOUR IDENTITY.
  2. SAYING ‘NOTHING’: It’s always easy to just tell people that you are okay and that almost ‘nothing’ is wrong with you. But in a relationship, that’s a blunder. Your partner needs to know what is wrong with you and what is the mistake s/he made. Either you vent your anger by telling them directly or just make sure to bury the matter in your head. Don’t rake up issues if you are incapable of resolving them. And almost never ever make the mistake of hoping that they will know what’s bothering you- NOPE, it’s not like people can read minds, please.
  3. HOLDING BACK: There is no reason to hold back anything when it comes to your partner. Speak it all out and blurt it out even more. Don’t keep things in your head. Suppressing any emotion is going to genuinely bog your relationship down.

Apart from these mistakes remember one important detail- people do not and cannot change. You must never try to change what comes instinctively to a person. Moreover, if there are any non-negotiable changes between you all no amount talking or coaxing will come to your rescue so DON’T TRY.

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