Does your #MonkeyMind dread commitment? |
Does your #MonkeyMind dread commitment?

Does your #MonkeyMind dread commitment?

14 Nov, 2019

Any millennial today would tell you that Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani was not just a chalkbuster of its time but a movie that resonates with a whole generation of teens-turned-adults. What is it that makes these not-so-unique characters so special? A spunky love-struck adult, a spoilt brat falling for every other girl, a studious girl who transforms in love and a commitment-phobic documentary filmmaker who believes running away from relationships is the only way to become successful.

Yet, of all four characters- Naina and Bunny seem to be perennial favourites. Though poles apart in terms of passion, approach and dedication there is a want of commitment and fear of commitment that revolves around these central characters.

Naina was all things commitment- passionate, selfless, independent, head-strong, loving and innately stable whereas Bunny was all things picky- commitment-phobic, adamant, selfish, prudent and definitely fickle. These are people you and I meet daily- oh, can you already think of people in these two categories?

Modern Day Bunny

With the pace that we currently live in, we can really see a shift in our attitudes about relationships. They are no longer meant to be long-lasting, oh don’t even talk about marriage yet. So what are we exactly chasing in a relationship? Are we looking for an escape through our relationships?

Yes, it is the calming of our #MonkeyMind that we are waiting for. It seems like a reality now. But are you a commitment-phobe? Here are 3 signs for you to identify:

  1. You fear labels: Well, honestly nobody can run away from the fact that at some point, you will have to be named as somebody’s someone. If you fear being called someone’s ‘girlfriend’, ‘boyfriend’, there are chances that you may be a commitment-phobe.
  2. You feel uncomfortable talking about the future: Most of us, want to take things slow. But if you find your partner getting seriously uncomfortable each time you talk of taking the next step in a relationship, there are high chances that the person is commitment-phobic.
  3. You are not good at finishing projects: A lot of us are great at starting projects but seldom finish them successfully. If you think this is a pattern in your life, you may be a commitment-phobe.

Does your #MonkeyMind dread commitment?

Well, for a lot of us yes. Here are 3 ways to manage it:

  • Acceptance: Accept. Accept. Accept. Everyone ain’t going to commit to you and your cause. If you are the commitment-phobe in the relationship, make your partner known about it. Don’t keep them hanging.
  • Decide: Decide ONLY for yourself as to what is it that you are looking for. Do you want to really be with that person in a relationship? Or are you looking for casual dating? Decide and speak about it to your partner.
  • Fix a timeline: Keep a fixed schedule for yourself as to when you want to take things to the next level. Do it for yourself, not for anyone else.

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