Find out whose your soul tribe, soul mate or twin flame this Full Moon |
Find out whose your soul tribe, soul mate or twin flame this Full Moon

Find out whose your soul tribe, soul mate or twin flame this Full Moon

13 Oct, 2019

Love makes the world go round. Or does it? Or are all the souls in this Universe being pushed and pulled apart by some invisible magnetic current? Ask anyone whose ever have claimed to have met a soul-mate, and they will all tell you that coming close to those whose soul speaks to yours is life changing.  Because Universal laws of energy dictate that the more a soul evolves, the more it pulls into it’s light, all those who are the closest vibrational match. It feels that much closer to heaven. 

Everyone wants to open the gates of heaven, and call in their soul tribe.  The full moon energies are great energy portals, and just a strong intent to attract your soul tribe can “call in” everyone who’s meant to be on your path.  But it can get a little confusing, and definitely overwhelming when the tribe starts marching in! So let’s shed some light on the most common kinds of soul connections..

The soul tribe:  

Relationship: Can be a friend, a family member, a mentor, a work buddy, even a romantic interest or just “the gang”– Anyone or a group of people that just instinctively feel like your own. 

What it feels like:  You know when you meet them. Acceptance isn’t even a question, and you’re welcomed with open arms. This is where you belong.  Your weird is the norm with them, and they celebrate you for just being you. It’s an easy going, cozy feeling more than an intense or passionate one .  Even if it’s a romantic relationship it’s more relaxed, light hearted, and free flowing.

Life impact: Groups of souls are known to reincarnate together with a similar “vibe”. In fact many descend from similar soul planes, and come on Earth with matching missions. You’ll feel as if you speak the same language, because in fact you actually did when you resided on the soul levels.  They can feel far more like your true home, than your biological family. If you want to celebrate your life on Earth, these are the people to do it with. 

Challenges: Soul tribes are meant to support, uplift, and generally be your cushion in life. At times it takes going through a phase of acute loneliness, followed by drumming up enough courage to find what matters, and letting go of people and things that don’t, after which you actually start attracting your soul tribe.  Once you find these people you’ll never look at people from the past the same way again, and understand that they were just stepping stones to finding “your” people.  

The classic soulmate

Relationship:  A few people from this tribe, or even a complete stranger can come into your life as a classic soulmates. They may be friends, family, kids, teachers, gurus, work mates, or lovers. You will instinctively feel like you know them from somewhere. 

What it feels like: Encounters with soulmates can very often feel fated. Because, well, they are.  It will feel like there’s a strong sense of history, which may feel like a lot more baggage—good or bad—than ordinary.  Most likely they are following you from a past life, and there’s something still left to say or do. . But as opposed to your soul tribe members, the soul mate is a far more deeper connection. The chemistry between soul mates who are lovers is very real. You can often pick up the thoughts and emotion of the other. 

Life impact:  As the relationship evolves, it will become clear what the “soul contract” between you two could be.  They are in your life for a reason. They can appear during terrible times as a guide, or someone who just lights up the darkness, or they can burst out of no-where and create challenges that make you grow. You can have similar missions in life, and work on them together. But no matter what you can’t ignore this person or their place in your life. 

Challenges: It depends a lot on the soul contract you have with this person. Prior to your earthly incarnation you may have both agreed that you will come into each others lives to bring up issues that need to be resolved so you can evolve to the next level. These issues are buried deep in your subconscious, and soulmates can trigger them in order to permanently release them. Think a parent who abandoned their child (yes  this is also a soul mate contract!) the person being abandoned is made to face all their hidden fears and overcome them to release them for good! Or it can be a contract of great reward—the one person whose there for you through thick and thin. Think of a Guru who really was there for you in tough times to open you up to another perspective in life. Soulmates can be more than one, and can come and go in your life. Some may stay forever, and some may leave as soon as their soul contract with you is complete.  And for some who’ve truly embraced their lesson, the relationship can turn into a strong unshakeable bond forged through the trial of fire. 

Twin Flames

There have been pages and books and countless words written on this phenomenon.  As per experts, the twin flame connection is rare to find. However the amount of blogs, pages, websites dedicated to this rare connection begs the question whether it’s rare, real, or just a more intense soul mate connection. Here are the few striking differences

Relationship:  It’s often said that twin flames are two halves of one soul. These souls were divided at the time of creation, so that they could learn separate lessons and unite when ready. It’s not until both halves over cycles of many incarnations evolve to a certain degree, till both are born together. So literally, it’s like meeting an extension of yourself.  Twin Flames are almost always connected on every level—and the sexual attraction is mind blowing. If united, they are meant to be lovers. 

What it feels like: Overwhelming, intense, exhilarating, and terrifying –all at once! From the very onset, this person will ignite a sense of deep unconditional love within you, no matter what the circumstances. It will feel like you can sense their presence almost everywhere, as if they are always with you whether they’re there or not.  You will be able to instantly connect at a soul, mental, and physical level, and feel their thoughts and emotions like your own. Eye contact with a twin flame can feel like drowning in fire and water at the same time. Yet there is tremendous comfort, and a sense of home family and belonging. The telepathy can be so strong, that you will feel like you need to block it out from time to time. 

Life impact: One of the key indicators of a twin flame connection is parallel life experiences.  Almost from childhood, you will have had very similar, and perhaps challenging life situations. It will feel like you almost led the same life, developing a lot of the same belief and value systems, even the same fears! Twin flames are often evolved “old” souls who seek a spiritual understanding from the onset. The understanding of one another is so intrinsic, that words seem superfluous.  Synchronicities and signs are everywhere once the twin flame enters your energy system. Other bonds, and existing karmic partners connections start to diminish and fade once you’re connected to a twin flame. No other connection feels the same ever. 

Challenges: They say that the twin flame journey is the journey towards unconditional love. Often in the beginning, twin flames will cause chaos and turmoil in each other’s lives. They have to! Because as a twin flame you are mirror souls who will reflect out into the open all that needs to be healed within you. Wherever you are misaligned with your higher source, the twin flame connection will show you, so that you may heal it once and for all! The twin flame relationship if often the most challenging relationship of all because it forces you to look at yourself more honestly than ever before. Twin flames never meet the easy way—they are either already married, have huge age differences, cultural divides—and what seems like a seemingly impossible situation to ever unite in! The combination of these circumstances, and overwhelming energies trying to merge may throw some into periods of separation. This separation can last for a few months, years, or even lifetimes if either one is not courageous enough to answer the call of the soul. But it’s only an illusion—twin flames are always one, and the bond of love is unbreakable. Once both halves can stay aligned to their higher source, and heal old wounds, the two can unite against all odds, sharing a transformative bond of love that is powerful enough to influence the world around them. 

Whether you’re with your soul tribe, soul mate, or actually feel like you’ve met your twin flame—there is no doubt that you are lucky. Every soul connection is a gift, proof that you’re evolving into a better version of yourself. Sometimes, any connection that makes you feel alive, needs to no definition. Just take it as a blessing, and surrender to the Universe. The Universe will always match the level of true energy you are able to emit. And then you can find love in the even the darkest corner of the world!


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