Here's how couple's therapy can transform your relationship! |
Here’s how couple’s therapy can transform your relationship!

Here’s how couple’s therapy can transform your relationship!

25 Feb, 2020

Anybody who has been in a romantic relationship will tell you how that relationship is one of the most important relationships you will have. Anybody who has faced issues in a romantic relationship will tell you how it is even more important to work towards building a healthy and happy relationship, and truth be told, every relationship comes with its own set of ups and downs. So how do you, as a couple, understand the dynamics of a healthy relationship, and how can you work on your relationship? The answer is simple – Couple Therapy.

“We all understand that the r3ealtionnship with our partners is a key relationship, so why not make it the best?” says Beatrice Fernandes, Transformational Life Coach who works towards helping couples identify what lacks in their relationships, get to the root cause of issues, and get them on the path towards healing.

“Education never hurts, and sometimes we need a coach to help us be a good partner and have a healthy, meaningful relationship,” she says.

How does Couple Therapy work 

  • Accepting the situation: According to Beatrice, the first step towards seeking help and healing is acknowledging and accepting that you have an issue that needs to be rectified. The acceptance that you might need therapy comes with a lot of difficulty for a lot of people.
  • Understanding your goals: When you share your life with another person, it is important that your goals align with theirs. It might not be the same, but there needs to be synchronisation to it. “I start by helping them discover their goals, and then work out how to align both the people’s goals together,” says Beatrice.
  •  Taking accountability: When trying to resolve an issue, blaming the other person for everything that has gone wrong comes easily. What does not come easy is accepting and taking accountability for your own actions. However, for true healing to happen it is important to take ownership and understand that issues in a relationship are never a single person’s fault.

How does Couples Therapy work

The first step toward addressing issues within a relationship is to become mindful and conscious of your partner and the problems. “I start with helping the couples understand their emotions, and take charge. Once they are in charge of their emotions – positive and negative ones, can they consciously understand what the issue is and be ready to work towards solving it. Therapy helps them become understanding mindfulness, and applying it towards building a better relationship,” says Beatrice, “Another area that therapy helps in setting a healthy perspective that helps them work on an issue rather than just reacting to it. Therapy is an excellent way of learning techniques on how to address issues, not just the ones that they are dealing with at that moment, but also the ones that crop up in the future.”

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