Here's how PLR can help you in telling you if He/She is the love of your life! |
Here’s how PLR can help you in telling you if He/She is the love of your life!

Here’s how PLR can help you in telling you if He/She is the love of your life!

31 May, 2019

You’ve ticked all the right boxes in all those “Is He/She the ONE?” quizzes but you still have a niggling doubt about whether he or she is “The One”? Is He/She really the love of your life? This is a question that might be plaguing you.

So, we asked Thriive-verified PLR expert Radhika Deshpande whether Past Life Regression Therapy could help to solve this dilemma.

And this is what she had to say:

Dealing with a question of this sort has an in-built danger. When you are going through the process of PLR, you might end up creating your own perception. Since you are so emotionally invested in this relationship, you might see the answer as something that you want rather than what should be.

So, the better way of tackling this question is to turn the lens inwards.

The reason you are wondering if he/she is the One is because you desire someone who is the perfect fit for you.

But if you are not yet emotionally & spiritually sorted, it will reflect in every area of your life including your relationships.

Your emotions create your reality. Imbalanced emotions create bad relationships.

Here are a few signs of an emotionally stable personality:

  • Not choosing to hurt somebody or yourself
  • Not being highly sacrificial or a victim
  • Always respecting yourself.

Every relationship reflects our relationship with ourselves. To have an amazing relationship with anyone else (especially with what we call The One) we first need to create an amazing relationship with ourselves. Are you:

  • Respecting yourself?
  • Loving yourself?
  • Admiring yourself?
  • Accepting yourself?
  • Being gentle with yourself?

If you haven’t replied ‘Yes’ to all the questions above, then you still need to work on yourself in order to bring your strong self to your relationships. When we cannot accept ourselves unconditionally how can we expect others to do that?

So coming back to the role PLR can play in helping us make this important decision:

 The first step in getting the right answer is to make sure the picture is as clear inside as it is outside. Knowing and loving yourself completely is the key.

Next, in trying to predict the future, we might overlook the immense potential possibilities. In trying to influence the situation, our vision might be limited and what we desire might not be the best possible outcome, for all concerned.

My own story of abuse and redemption

This is exactly what happened in my own case. I was in an abusive relationship for almost 9-10 years. It took me a lot of effort to find my own worth. Once I did, I could rise above the situation. As I realised my own value, a surprising thing happened. I broke out of the abusive relationship but in a very peaceful way, which I never expected.

So, don’t expect but instead set an intention to have a good, happy, positive life. Expectations come from a place of ego that says “I deserve this” and can be limiting. Intention, on the other hand, comes from a divine place within you.

Feel it rather than think it. And always remember, when you focus on your own self and self-improvement, the Right One will walk into your life, or, in answer to the dilemma, the Right One will stay.

About Radhika Deshpande


Radhika Deshpande is an award-winning artist, specializing in Ceramics. She has done solo and group shows at reputed art galleries and also conducts clay and pottery workshops for students and corporates. In 2009, Radhika studied spiritual healing and Past Life Regression at the Life Research Academy (Hyderabad), graduating as a gold medallist. Since the last 7 years, she has successfully provided healing solutions for both physical and mental issues. She is also a much sought-after PLR Presenter.

Since 2011, Radhika has developed special wellbeing programmes for parents whose children have certain difficulties which has given astounding results. Her meditation workshops for students of 1st – 10th grade have received a brilliant response. She also designs and sells fabric bags, silver jewelry and clothing under her own label called “Raaa”. Radhika chooses to pursue art and healing to empower people to realize their full potential.

We are fortunate to have Radhika Deshpande on board as a Thriive-verified PLR expert. You can connect with her HERE.

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