Can Tarot help you to heal from the ones who cheated you? |
Can Tarot help you to heal from the ones who cheated you?

Can Tarot help you to heal from the ones who cheated you?

27 Sep, 2019

Do you always feel like you’re the one getting cheated in relationships? When you see this as a chain of events that occur over and over again, you are bound to believe that it’s your ill-luck. But honestly, the truth could be a different one.

Tarot and Your Partner: Is he/she cheating on you?

Tarot readings are best used to focus on the relationship itself rather than on a cheating (or not) partner! Thus a reading can show up many nuances of your relationship – and help you become aware of what you might have missed, ignored or suppressed – thereby, allowing you to make enhanced and proactive choices in full awareness. 

This makes you the point of power in your life, rather than being hostage to another and their choices no matter how close you maybe. An authentic and deeper reading always brings you back to yourself – to understand your role and what you can best do in the present.

So does that mean that tarot can heal you if you are cheated on? Well, yes! One can confidently say that tarot is actually a deeply healing medium and that every session is a healing one! Though the cards are usually viewed in terms of clairvoyance and divination, at its deepest a) clairvoyance means: ‘clear seeing’ b) and divination means ‘Know Thy (Divine) Self’! 

“When viewed in these terms, every reading in its deepest avatar is really about healing –   the increased awareness that reading brings literally shines light into the psyche! It helps view events from an expanded perspective, often leading to great inner clarity, and resolution, which is what healing is about. Healing is releasing the past or the limited from an expanded Now.

She further explains that, the reading will show you so many factors you might have missed:  your role – this itself helps move from the blame game; your learning – this will help you shift from its negative energy to its gift; the others mindscape – in this you often understand the other in fresher ways and what they did from a larger lens and this shift in perspective can actually change the entire way you see the event!” There are so many ways tarot heals – even past life or karmic resolution can happen; or the cards can be used as positive symbols towards healing one’s psyche.

How do these cards function?

Tarot cards are actually encoded and designed to access and heal the client’s subconscious – especially if the reader can engage with the client in meaningful dialogue rather than only making predictions.

Are there any specific cards in the tarot deck that indicate emotional healing?

The thing about tarot cards is that each card can be interpreted in various ways by different people. So it majorly depends on the questions you ask and the answers you actually want to find. Here are a few cards that could indicate emotional healing: 

“In the major arcana, I choose TEMPERANCE and THE STAR (though other majors can also indicate emotional healing).  Both these cards actually show the pool of pure consciousness, the source energy of all healing. Temperance is the alchemical process of healing, the star depicts purity returned through the nude image.

As for the minor arcana, here is the list: 

Ace of cups: A perennial favourite, this card hints at a finely tuned chakric system and the healing flow of inner freshness and fullness. All in all, you could say that it indicates healing oneself and the world around it!  

2 of cups: “A beautiful card for healing in relationships –it depicts sincere, harmonious and open communication, seeing the other’s side of the story,  and the deep alchemical healing this bring in relationships.

The Ten of cups: This one depicts all the innate goodness in human beings. This card is known to symbolize the best emotional of life. “That which we all seek through the many things people and events of our life – but is ultimately found deep within!  Indeed at its deepest, the card symbolizes the resting place often called the Holy Grail – that inexplicable quintessence which everyone seeks. 

Divyaa Kummar is a contemporary spiritual facilitator, writer , tarot reader, healer and energy worker reaching out in various ways – but she sees herself more as a fellow traveler on the path sharing her intuitive wisdom with those on the journey to Self.

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  1. A very beautiful interpretation of the cards where Divyaa has explained how the cards can in guide us in different areas of our lives here specific to emotional healing

  2. Divyaa has always been bang on with tarot and am lucky to be part of her group which has hped me to grow by leaps and bounds

  3. Have had the good fortune to have tarot sessions with divyaa which have been extremely beneficial in helping me gain clarity and insights into problematic life situations ..divyaa is an amazing and compassionate healer and light worker ?

  4. Come discover how in depth TAROT really works ! I do readings and hold workshops:

    In depth exploration of the meanings, symbols and spiritual secrets contained within the cards enables you use the tarot in many ways.

    Discover how they can be a spiritual journey, a counseling tool to ‘know thyself’, a best friend giving you upfront guidance , a rich storehouse of symbols to manifest through. or a compass pointing to probabilities ahead!
    Read them for self or others in empowering ways.


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