How to #AttractAbundance in love and relationships |
How to #AttractAbundance in love and relationships

How to #AttractAbundance in love and relationships

16 Oct, 2019

I am 39 and today I am in a really fulfilling relationship that nourishes my life and takes it higher. Yes, touchwood but also I am not going to just put it on timing – when I look at my journey in relationships, I know clearly why I attracted abundance in love at this stage of my life. 

No, I didn’t just make a vision board and surrender it to the universe – like all things, I believe this is also in our control. I am a huge believer of manifestation, so do not get me wrong – I am not mocking anyone’s vision board here. I have one too but for me, manifestation has 3 parts – law of truth, the law of action and law of surrender. 

While this an elaborate exercise I train clients with, I can quickly take you through it with my experience and it might resonate with you!

  1. Law of truth: We attract who we are – I probably knew the application of it a lot later! And when I knew, I asked myself – what do you want to feel with someone? What qualities do you want? And then the TRUTH – do I have these qualities? 
  • If I want someone healthy, am I healthy?
  • If I want someone who keeps the promises he makes to me, do I keep the promises I make to myself?
  • If I want someone who I can trust, do I trust myself completely?
    Neither did I ask such questions and nor did I realize this is how the law of truth works! When I see past relationships, it is uncanny how clearly it matches with what I was lacking or not building within me! 
  1. Law of action: Nothing in manifestation works without the law of action. This what I meant with the vision board. We can’t just make it and then not act on our lives moving forward or not taking 100% responsibility for all our actions! I loved excuses, loved blaming, loved victimizing – on situations, other people, city, scenarios! As the popular saying goes – ‘God helps those who help themselves’. Well, it is true. This law takes some time and during this time we might get impatient or hard on ourselves – I have been through that rollercoaster! No that doesn’t mean the right one can’t come into your life if all your areas of action are not done – the universe just wants to see our sincere effort and working on our self is a lifelong process anyway. So I started to act on the qualities I wanted to integrate within me that would make me love myself, even more, make my life more growth-oriented and most importantly value my time.

  2. Law of surrender: We often get caught up in the image of what we want and do not let it go. I learned this as well. Holding on and letting go needs to be balanced well in manifesting what we want. This is where surrender comes in – there will be times in the journey you will get disappointed – during those times, believe someone else knows better and feel gratitude for what is. 

Real love can be like the best partnership but we need unbreakable faith and these laws so that we do not compromise or settle for less!

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