How to boost romantic energy this full moon day? |
How to boost romantic energy this full moon day?

How to boost romantic energy this full moon day?

15 Aug, 2019

Apart from being our most favourite metaphor and object of admiration in movies and songs, the moon plays a lot more significant role in our love lives. This full moon day, let’s understand the connection between the moon and our romantic lives. 

Significance of Full Moon day

If you are overwhelmed with all the noise around this full moon day then here’s what it all means. The moon has a direct influence on the earth’s water bodies. As the human body is largely composed of water, the moon’s energies affect our energies as well. Hence, during the full moon, our energies are amplified. This leads to experiencing intense emotions and feelings of vulnerability. However, if such a rise in the energy levels is harnessed in the right way then you can leverage the full moon day to experience several benefits such as strengthening your romantic relationship or shifting your awareness to manifest your desires. 

There’s no better day than a full moon day to spark your romantic relationship. Ancient science believes that sexual and emotional intimacy can reach its prime during the full moon day. However, one needs to be careful to direct such strong energies in the right direction to harness the right benefits. Here are a few ways to boost your romantic bond with your partner this full moon day. 

Plan quality time together: The full moon day is the best time to reconnect with your partner’s energies as the moon is guiding you towards it. Plan dine-out trip with your bae or even just a Netflix binge night and trust the full moon to shower its magic for rejuvenating your bond. 

Spend time in nature: You must spend some time in nature on this day if possible. As you will be possibly grappling with a heightened state of emotions due to the moon’s energies, getting some vitamin green will help you to tame your emotions. Take a walk in the garden or in the nearby park instead of the beach or near any other water bodies as water seems to go wild with the moon’s pull force.  

Make new memories: Go for a retreat or take a class together. As the full moon is known to boost our creative juices, you both might want to direct your creativity together in activities that will not only boost your creativity but will also help you to bond with each other.  

If you feel vulnerable, don’t panic: The full moon is the night for innermost feelings. Hence, if the feeling of vulnerability is looming over you then don’t panic, just try to accept it. If you can or want to express your feelings then this is the best time to do so as your partner’s energies will also be fluctuating in the same direction during the full moon’s pull. Don’t resist your urges to feel or express as buried emotions will manifest elsewhere. Instead, talk to your closed ones and be calm to deal with the moon’s rising energies. 

Create a Zen atmosphere in your home: Whether you are planning to reconnect with your partner or just trying to deal with your own emotions, your surroundings affect your mood to a great extent. Hence, light scented candles, put on fairy lights, place some flowers around your room. If you are spending this full moon in your own company then pamper yourself with a warm bath and a nice hot beverage of your choice.

The full moon day has been considered a crucial period to strengthen the bond with your other half. When the moon brings out the romantic in you, all you need to do is bring your best romantic side for your partner and cherish a drizzly night, the gorgeous full moonlight and your partner’s company!

Komal Patil is a business management graduate finding purpose through words, writing stories and poems.

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