How to Move from Physical to Soul-based Relationships |
How to Move from Physical to Soul-based Relationships

How to Move from Physical to Soul-based Relationships

20 Dec, 2019

I felt the spark! We have all experienced this at meeting some people in our journey. It is a dopamine rush in our system, so naturally, it feels electric! However, sometimes it can be just a physical attraction and that is completely natural as well. 

Science says that very often we confuse physical attraction, our need for intimacy or touch, as something that is soul-based and fall deep into it. And then when it fizzles out, we are left heart-broken. We end up wondering what went wrong and why it didn’t work out? There was definite physical chemistry that felt like something more substantial, but at times, it might not be so. You were seeking a soul-based relationship and therefore it hurt, but this can be a great experience to reflect and ask ourselves – how do we move from mere physical relationships to real, strong soul-based relationships? I know many are seeking this answer, so let me help. 

  1. Being your truth: Truth is a powerful decision-maker in a lot of ways. We all have truths about ourselves – from how we function in our lives, our likes and dislikes, our values, what lifestyle brings out the best in us so on and so forth. Often, when we feel physically attracted to someone, we feel the need to present ourselves in a way that is appealing for the opposite person. It doesn’t matter whether it is our truth or not – we might say things that the other wants to hear, look a certain way and do what it takes to take the relationship forward! However, it might not go much deeper. I love dressing up, having my hair fall a certain way and also be compassionate about someone else’s journey, but I have my own truths. If I don’t allow that to come to the surface as they are, I won’t even know if the other person likes me as I am or as he wants me to be? That is why I say – truth can be a decision-maker. Be your true self to move from a physical relationship to a soul-based one.
  2. Being vulnerable: There are articles and books that train and guide women to be anything but vulnerable on their first date! They teach them how to wear the perfect mask. This perfect mask doesn’t allow vulnerability. However sign of high self-worth is being able to be vulnerable – sharing our story, our journey, our weaknesses, our sensitivity. That is what makes you transit from a physical relationship to a soul-based relationship. We share all of this because it has made us what we are today and we are proud of it. We share to see if someone else feels the same way, and that’s when we connect on a soul level. We then have no layers when we are intimate and fully bare – how beautiful and liberating is that!
  3. Taking each other higher: A relationship sustains when you can inspire and be inspired by your partner! We see ourselves doing better in our career, health, sleep, mood and energy because this person influences it powerfully – it brings out our best version naturally and there is no pretense. 

At no point are we saying physical attraction isn’t needed. But if you are seeking a more meaningful relationship, these three tips will help you. There shouldn’t be a rush to jump into anything – a soul-based relationship is a small journey that brings spiritual intimacy and nothing can compare to that.

So next time you feel the spark, pause with it in your heart and bond on these three areas – your inner voice will tell you if you truly feel it and you aren’t in any denial. Give yourself a chance to experience a soul-based relationship – there is nothing like it.

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