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Ignite your passion for life with these fire rituals from indigenous tribes

Ignite your passion for life with these fire rituals from indigenous tribes

22 Nov, 2018

Have you ever tried burning away your past? Be prepared to be amazed. 
By Susan Hough

Fire is one of the most powerful elements of nature and sparks us with the passion and energy to take action. Who can know this better than the indigenous tribes of Africa who live by the rules of nature, and worship the elements? But even within the city, we can use fire rituals to empower our lives. Here’s how you do them:

Calling out to Fire Spirits & Ancestors
Before you start, sit and take a moment to call in the Fire Spirits and your Ancestors. Those Spirit allies have come before you and know what your Spirit needs the most. They also know how to help you in the best way to align with your vision, dreams, passions, gifts, intuition and inner knowing. Remember that our ancestors can be anyone that is deceased that you believe gives you support from the Spirit World. An example could be Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi etc. as well as your family ancestors.

Ask the Fire Spirits/Ancestors to help you let go of what no longer serves you and to end our attachment to it. This is a ritual you can use at the end of a year, at the ending of a job or career, at the ending of a relationship. You can also use this to help you when you are feeling stuck and stagnate. You may find it powerful for releasing old habits, ancestral patterns, fears, and emotional baggage.

The Letting Go Ritual

Write out on a piece of paper all that you wish to release. Think about each item and feel if there is any resistance to releasing it. You can also put attachment on the list as a behavior to be done with. Beliefs that no longer serve you, resistance, blame, and limiting thoughts or programs are some of the best things to put on the list.

Once you’re list is done, find a thick can, like a coffee can. Next you’ll need a little extra fuel to make sure your list burns completely. Thin paper like napkins, paper towels, tissues, or toilet paper work well. Crumple up your list and put it in the center of your burn container, then fill in around it with the extra fuel paper. To get the fire started I like to light an incense stick and place it among the paper. Any stick that burns well will do. Select your fire source. I use a lighter but matches work, too. Also get a container of water. Take the burn container and water outside to a safe and private location where there is no risk of the fire catching onto other flammable materials and smoke will easily dissipate.

Thanking the Ancestors

As you light your fire, declare that you are surrendering everything you’ve listed. You’re done with it and letting it go now. Watch the flames devour the paper and the smoke rise into the air. Know that what you’ve chosen to release is disintegrating and you are burning free from those patterns. When the fire is out completely pour the water over the ashes. Through this letting go, you know a deep transformation has occurred. Make sure you thank your ancestors and fire spirits for their support and guidance.

It is good to meditate after this ritual to be still and silent in the space you have just created. You have unburdened yourself and become available to new inspiration and new opportunities. Be in that open space for a little while and enjoy.

Susan Hough is a Ritualist and Life Coach as well as the founder of ‘Living Your Gifts‘. After 20 years of working in very traditional mental health, Susan knew that wasn’t her path and her search led her to a Daraga Teacher named Sobonfu Somé. Susan became one of a handful of Westerners to get initiated into the rites, rituals and healing wisdom of her tradition. Through the combination of Western and Dagara Wisdom, Rites and Rituals, Susan helps everyone from teens to adults discover how powerful they are.


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