International Kissing Day: 3 Kinds Of Kisses And What It Could Say About Your Relationship |
International Kissing Day: 3 Kinds Of Kisses And What It Could Say About Your Relationship

International Kissing Day: 3 Kinds Of Kisses And What It Could Say About Your Relationship

6 Jul, 2019

You are drenched in these torrential rains. All you want to do now is go back home and cuddle yourself to sleep. You go home, have a shower and tuck yourself to bed. Thank God it’s a Saturday! Suddenly you wake up to realize that your partner is only admiring you sleep. Just before you rise to talk, s/he kisses you on your forehead and goes back to sleep. Isn’t that extremely romantic? Well, it is.

Kisses are therapeutic. It is extremely heavenly when received from a person you love. Each of us express love differently and so crave for it in a different fashion. All said and done, if there is anything as sensuous yet cute as love in itself- it is a passionate kiss!

Be it that quick peck you give your husband while you are rushing to work or that sensuous wet kiss you give your girlfriend that can play the prelude to the bedroom romance- kissing has been perceived and received in different styles for each of us. Here we tell you about 3 kinds of kisses and what they could say about your relationship:

  1. Cheek kiss: You’ve had a terrible day at work. You get home, go for a super long hot shower and sit with your cup of coffee. That’s when your partner walks in and you decide not to dive straight into his mouth but simply leave a peck on his/her cheek. Relatable? We get you! The cheek kiss is about conveying fondness, comfort, and love. This kiss, in the long run, indicates the strong bond of friendship that’s present in your relationship. FYI, you could also share a cheek kiss with a friend or so- simply because it isn’t so much about romance but a LOT about affection, compassion, and friendship.
  2. Wet Wizard: SURPRISE…Men are said to love this more! (No, we don’t mean women don’t like it) The sloppy, wet kiss is an expression of an exchange of sexual energy or a symbol of intimacy. Here, the focus isn’t on the rhyme, rhythm or reason but on a very comfortable open-mouthed kiss. This indicates a preference for the physical aspect over other things (at the moment). This kiss could quickly lead the way to the bedroom, ahem!
  3. Peck-peeve: A peck is an indicator of the start of a relationship. That shy, awkward peck you hurriedly gave your partner while in the cinema theatre? Yes, that one. This is a short tight-lipped kiss on the cheeks or lips. It could be the beginning of a relationship and sure enough, a gesture of love!


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