Is Your Relationship Giving You That Kind of Love You Crave? |
Is Your Relationship Giving You That Kind of Love You Crave?

Is Your Relationship Giving You That Kind of Love You Crave?

8 Dec, 2018

Do these 10 things and you will surely get the love you deserve 

Aha! Got you there! Loving and being loved is one of our most basic needs (according to Maslow). But, believing that our happiness lies in receiving love from our relationship is a big error and can only result in unnecessary struggles and pain. Relationships play a crucial role in our higher evolution and love that we really crave is self-love.

Self-love is the practice of appreciating oneself, accepting all our weaknesses and strengths and having compassion for oneself as we often bumble along trying to find the meaning of our life.

Keeping that inner spark alive and the relationship hot is a challenge but here’s a quote which will surely give you a refreshing perspective on relationships- “Without you I am whole, with you I am more!

Here are some tips for keeping those love fires burning:

1. Do not make the relationship, the be-all and end- all of your existence. Relationship is just an important part of your life and NOT your whole being. So, aspire to be in an evolutionary love partnership instead of a co-dependent (read toxic) relationship.

2. Never underestimate the power of patience. Have faith in divine timing and allow the relationship to develop at its own speed. A fruit that was picked before it was ripe is of no use. Patience is a golden virtue. Use it to maneuver your way through the blind alleys of a relationship.

3. Know and understand yourself deeply. Work on yourself, especially your shadow self and bring the highest version of yourself to the table so you can know and understand your partner profoundly.

4. Gratitude begets more gratitude. Always look for positives and not focus on the negatives in your partner.

5. Nothing creates a deeper intimacy than being authentic. Be true to your feelings in a relationship. It can take your intimacy to higher levels.

6. Choose kindness always. Even at your worst, do not let anger or frustration make you disrespect your partner beyond redemption. Unkind/ disrespectful words uttered in a fight have the potential to destroy a relationship and nothing you do can redeem it.

7. To use my own quote- “Lust is the fire, Love is the fuel and without one the other doesn’t last for too long.”
Remember lust is cardinal to understanding love. You need to feel the fire between bodies; you need to feel attracted to each other- no matter what your age or the age of your relationship and that is the catalyst for experiencing love and yet you should be able to understand one from the other, even if they are finally meshed.

Lust is the physical desire -to be around someone, to touch, to feel their presence. Love is the soul; Body is the temple and lust is the expression of that divine temple.

8. Do not take everything personally. Most of the times, it is never about YOU but about the other person. Learn to look at the truth impersonally and let it refresh and enlighten you. Be soul-centric instead of being ego-centric.

9. “Let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of heaven dance between you”- Khalil Gibran. Allow enough space for your partner to evolve and for you to grow as well. Allow the relationship to flow like a river. Meet people where they are. Remember, love meets us halfway.

10. Expectations are the biggest cause of all suffering and heartbreak. Work consciously on lowering them. Have realistic expectations from your partner.

About Meenu 

Meenu Mehrotra is a Thriive-verified Intuitive Coach/Healer and a certified Archetypal Consultant as well as Angel Card Reader. She has written 6 books and is also a well-known fiction writer, poet, blogger and editor. You can get in touch with her HERE.

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