Journaling: The most creative and fun way of overcoming the worst of heartbreaks |

Journaling: The most creative and fun way of overcoming the worst of heartbreaks

8 Mar, 2019

Are you trying to get over a heartbreak but feeling that your heart will stay broken forever? Breakups can be soul-wrenching but staying gloomy forever can steal away one’s chance at finding happiness again. Here’s a key that can help one heal: Journaling. Yes, with just a diary (or a book or…ahem…a journal) and a pen (or pencil), you can join all those broken pieces and become whole again.

Here’s why journaling is super effective when it comes to dealing with pain: 

  • Journaling is like meditating: It creates a sacred space for you to spend time with yourself.
  • It frees you of the negativity that comes with a heartbreak: It brings you face to face with your deepest, darkest secrets in your own space, without worrying about judgement or having to filter your thoughts.
  • It makes you mindful: You’ll probably realize that the signs of discord were always there, but you didn’t see them. Or, that you could have handled a situation better or how you had begun to lose yourself completely in the relationship.
  • It rebuilds your self-confidence: After a heartbreak, one’s self-confidence takes the biggest hit. Journaling reveals the positive things in one’s life as well as one’s achievements and also what you want from a relationship. You will begin to exercise better discretion in choosing your most apt partner, in the future.
  • It helps process emotions like anger and jealousy: Write…write…write…till the harsh, acidic words have flowed out completely to be followed by soft, smooth words of love for yourself.

Open the doors to happiness… 

… with these simple tips:
  • There’s just one way to journal: your way.
  • You don’t have to be a ‘writer’ or have a good handwriting to journal.
  • Initially, it is likely to make you feel sad. However, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Nikita Jhanglani is a technical and creative content writer, editor and book blogger. Currently, she is into world domination, one checklist at a time.

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