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Kundli matching for your happily ever after

Kundli matching for your happily ever after

21 Jul, 2020

Marriage is a sacred bond of two people that is meant to last for a lifetime. For that to happen, compatibility plays a major role. A lot of people take the guidance of kundli matching as per Vedic astrology to check compatability of a couple before marriage. Kundli Matching  helps in gaining insight about the compatibility of the prospective partners and understand  how the Ascendents and Nakshatras in their horoscopes could influence their marriage. Based on this compatibility, the couple can go ahead with the marriage. During Kundli matching, expert astrologers analyse and match eight different aspects of the couple’s  horoscopes. These are important parameters which are required to be checked and the horoscopes of both the prospective partners need to be assessed. Kirti Seth, an expert in Vastu Shastra, a Life Coach and a Cosmic Astrologer discusses the significance and important elements of Kundli matching for a happy and successful life.

Varna Koota is matched to check the customs, lifestyle and food habits of both the partners. It refers to the calculation of the varna, a caste to analyse the compatibility of the couple. It can be calculated by the Rashi of the Moon of the native, calculating the Navamsa of the Moon, calculating the Ascendant or Sun of the native and calculating the Nakshatra of the Moon. According to Vedic Astrology, the zodiac signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces fall in the Brahmin Varna, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in the Kshatriya Varna, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn come under the Vaishya Varna, and Gemini, Aquarius and Libra are the Shudra Varna.

The Vaishya of both the partners is matched to calculate the compatibility between both the prospective partners. It is checked for mutual attraction. This aspect is checked for positive and negative traits between both the partners, so  the possibility of difference of opinion can be calculated.

Tara, or The Star, is checked to match the compatibility between the girl and boy. It is checked for health and well-being of both the persons. It is important to check the birth star. It helps in maintaining a cordial relationship.

Biological Compatibility is an important aspect between both partners, to check their liking towards each other  to maintain a happy married life.

The Griha plays a vital role. Zodiac signs are matched for compatibility. It reflects the intellectual and spiritual aspects of both the partners.

The Ganas are matched to check the temperaments of individuals. It helps both the partners to give their best to maintain harmony in their marriage.

Bhakoot helps in maintaining good communication between the partners for family welfare. It also helps to understand each other better.

The Nadi should match the genes and health of the other partner. It helps the couple gain insight on how their family life will be in future. The Nadi of both the individuals must not be the same as it is not considered as a good match.

Remedies for Doshas
If kundli matching gives poor results or the matching has any Doshas, then it can be corrected. All the eight aspects are checked. For every area of checking, points are given. Couples who obtain a score of 18-24 are considered to have a stable married life. A score of 24-32 is considered the best for a successful marriage, while a 32-36 score indicates a perfect match.

Kundli matching for Mangliks
If a person is a Manglik while the other person is a non-Manglik, it is considered as Mangal Dasha, which can create problems for the couple.
If both persons are Manglik then Mangal Dosha is nullified. There can be health and finance related problems due to the impact of Mangal Dasha. The kundli matching helps to prevent the negative impacts of Mangal Dosha by performing  important rituals to overcome it’s impact.

Kundlis for love marriage
In case of a love marriage, one has to do important rituals before and after marriage for a certain period to minimize it’s negative effects on your married life. Mangal dosha and Nadi doshas must be checked in case of non matching kundlis. There are rituals to be performed and gemstones to be worn by one or both the individuals after checking their doshas. It is very important to check the houses in their personal charts and the  Mahadasha period, before opting for any gemstone. The inclusion of certain natural stones can immensely help in enhancing the vibrations as a  remedial measures.

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