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Leave That Love: 5 signs that you are going overboard

Leave That Love: 5 signs that you are going overboard

4 Jun, 2019

All is fair in love and war, they say. But what if your love costs you your peace? Is it still fair? Here’s our take on how much love is too much and when you must draw the line.


“I love you very much,” could be a good way of wishing goodnight to your loved ones but the sort of emotions and messages it sends to your brain could be something for you to ponder on. When Spice Girls (1996) rose to fame with the song ‘2 becoming 1’, it seemed like a perfect idea. But today, when you have a lot of couples around you going overboard in love, you will have to look back as to what is happening.

How much love is too much love?

A lot of people will agree that thinking of love as harmful is difficult to digest. Why would anyone want to talk about how it can cause a lot of troubles in your life? But believe it or not, excess of love, just like anything else can be quite troublesome. Here are a few signs that indicate that you are going over-board in love:

  • Insecurity is your weapon: A lot of people will tell you that when you are in love, you are generally insecure, please do yourself a favour of throwing these people off your life- right away! Love doesn’t make you insecure but your obsession with love will make you insecure. Insecurities can cage a person and literally, suck all the air off the relationship. Once you start getting insecure about everything, you are beginning to smother them very soon- no, it is not cool!
  • You are THE jealous partner: Jealousy is a negative emotion and it is so, for a reason. When you end up being jealous of your partner’s friends, besties simply because of the position they hold in your partner’s life – it is a sign that you need to get yourself checked.
  • You expect answers: It is great to be informed in love. True love is all about trust and loyalty. If you question the other person in every point of love, you are giving a wrong signal. You might love the person no end, but that doesn’t give you the authority to question the person. Repeatedly asking the person to justify so you can clear the ‘clutter’ in your head is wrong. Moreover, if you find yourself saying, “I would be just fine if you asked me the same questions n-number of times,” you are going the wrong way. It is a hoax excuse.
  • You want to be around all the time: Okay, repeat after me, “You DON’T have to be everywhere, always.” It is great to spend some time with your partner. But showing up each day post work or roaming with the person all through the weekend- each and every time is robbing the person of their space. SPACE is very important in every relationship and IRRESPECTIVE of your position in a person’s life you SHOULDN’T control them.
  • You place yourself at the end: Ok get this straight- when you push yourself after them, you expect the same will be reciprocated and no, that’s wrong. Love is about being selfless. The more you get to being there all the time, doing things that are over-and-above usual, it can be taxing for your partner. Moreover, isn’t love all about you letting the other person love themselves more?

Excess love isn’t necessarily bad but if you check right on even 3 of these 5 signs, you may want to reconsider your love-capacity. Don’t suffocate your partner in your love haze. And definitely, don’t kill the relationship due to claustrophobia!

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  1. If your love costs you of your peace, it’s better to go away. However, problems are in every relationship. It’s up to you when to draw the line☺☺.
    Nice article. Keep it up!! ?


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