“Love yourself so much that the love pours out of you onto others” - A conversation with Life Coach/Healer Ladan Ratcliffe | Thriive.in
Love yourself so much that the love pours out of you onto others – A conversation with Life Coach/Healer Ladan Ratcliffe

“Love yourself so much that the love pours out of you onto others” – A conversation with Life Coach/Healer Ladan Ratcliffe

4 Aug, 2018

Ladan Ratcliffe is an internationally respected teacher of Metaphysics, a Life Coach, Healer and Speaker. She was always drawn to the mysteries of life, the universe, the mind, the soul and the presence of a Higher Intelligence behind creation. A shift in her personal life, almost 30 years ago, enabled her to pursue her interests by becoming a member of many spiritual schools and associations. This revealed to her the truth that we co-create the reality we live in. She has extensively researched the role and functioning of the chakra system within the human body. This led her to uncover the link between the chakra system of all life and how one is influenced by the energies of another.

Ladan Ratcliffe will be presenting CHAKRAS OF THE  5TH DIMENSIONAL LIVING at India’s one and only ‘soul’ festival, the Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences, at Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru from 29th September – 2nd October, 2018.

Here’s an email conversation we had with Ladan Ratcliffe in which she talks about her life purpose and her journey as a life coach and healer.

THRIIVE: Hello, Ladan. Thank you for sharing your story with us. At the outset, I’m sure our readers will be very keen to know when and how did you know for sure what your life purpose is?
LADAN RATCLIFFE: Fulfilling my life path has been a journey in itself. It feels like I have been climbing a set of stairs and each time I climbed up a step, I needed to stop, experience and fulfill an aspect of my life path to obtain some tools which would help me reach and fulfill the next step of my life path. So, knowing about my life purpose did not happen in one instance but as a continuous sequence of events. My life purpose over the last 25 years has led me to know that I am here to Serve the Divine by sharing the Universal Truth.

THRIIVE: How has this transformed you?
LADAN RATCLIFFE: Knowing my life purpose has provided the platform for me to be the person I have come to be and to have the life I have come to experience. The transformation has given me the sense of freedom, the sense of self-love and the sense of rediscovering the Truth.

THRIIVE: Could you share any incident from your journey that stands out for you?
LADAN RATCLIFFE: At one time, I was undergoing treatment in two hospitals as my health was so poor. I took charge of my suspected illnesses and worked with the energies of my body through breath, through allowing myself to be the channel for Prana and by releasing and letting go of negative beliefs that were related to fear. I became determined that I had all the tools I needed to heal myself and as a result of that, after three months of various medical investigations, I was discharged by both the hospitals.

THRIIVE: Could you suggest an empowering practice our readers could carry out in their daily life? And, how?
LADAN RATCLIFFE: I have recorded positive affirmation meditation on a CD which I am gifting to all the participants of the 11th Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences where I am one of the Presenters. By listening to these positive affirmations, if you are ready, you can transform all negative beliefs that may have been stored in the subconscious mind to positive beliefs which through daily practice for 21 days, can become your normal attributes.

THRIIVE: What message would you like to give our readers?
LADAN RATCLIFFE: Love yourself so much that the love then pours out of you onto others.


The Cosmic Shift of the 21/12/12 catapulted a shift within our energy systems which changed our operating system forever. This was to prepare us for the forthcoming ascension and the increased amount of cosmic light that our four- body system was to receive. Some found it incredibly illuminating; others found it was the start of one of the most testing periods of preparation that their bodies had ever experienced. In only six years, we have jumped from the limited space that we have occupied since the fall of Atlantis and are now landing onto an all-singing, all-dancing 4/5D energy body. Through the ascension process our energy system evolved from the 7-chakra system, where it enabled us to operate in a 3D world, into a more expanded and complex chakra system giving us the tools to become more compassionate beings as we step into our multidimensional selves. The alchemical process that is continuing to take place in our operating system is changing our cellular and the sub-cellular structure. Our chakras are merging, changing position and new ones are activating in order for us to open up to our higher consciousness and to experience joy. What needs to happen is the process of the full integration of the 5D reality into our conscious selves.

To find out more about her presentation at GFSS this year you can watch this video https://youtu.be/-CKr628rA_Y

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