Married and On Tinder: Why are so many people swiping right for infidelity? |
Married and On Tinder: Why are so many people swiping right for infidelity?

Married and On Tinder: Why are so many people swiping right for infidelity?

14 May, 2019

‘Ethically non-monogamous,’ ‘potentially single,’ ‘looking for a casual relationship’ or ‘one-off fling’ – any one of these could be your perfectly-worded tinder bio. Except that if you ponder this, it seems more like a character foible. In dating parlance, ‘non-monogamous’ could mean ‘committed but dissatisfied’ or ‘committed but okay for more.’ There are enough examples of infidelity that you may have come across in your daily life, yet we seem absolutely clueless as to why it has become so rampant.

If you are an active dating app user today, you’d agree that a lot of people on these apps are either committed or married.  As a loyalist, you could debate about how that’s ethically incorrect but let me tell you- it happens and happens quite often!

What statistics say

No, we are not telling you why it is right or wrong but we are telling you that it has become a reality today. A data leak of Ashley Madison in 2015 revealed an elephantine number of married men who were on the site for relationships in spite of their stable marriages.

In 2015, research by GlobalWebIndex (GWI) released some shocking figures too. It stated that about 30% of Tinder users were married, with another 12% who were in a relationship. Surprisingly, only 3% were divorced or widowed.

Married and on-Tinder? 

“Why not?”- Could be a question for some while others might find it insulting, right off the bat. But try as you might, shunning the topic won’t mean it is non-existent. Here are a few reasons why your partner or you could stray. PS: We are NOT advocating it is as good or bad, but are just listing the possible reasons for someone to be married and yet be on tinder (in no order of preference):

  1. Being unappreciated: If there is anything on earth that each one of us loves to receive, it is ‘a compliment.’ A casual compliment or words of appreciation could go a long way in making somebody’s day. But quite honestly, what it can do is to make your partner believe that you pay attention to them. In a lot of researches, people have revealed that one of the reasons why they strayed out of their relationship was to gain some attention.
  2. Wanting new experiences: A lot of people cite this as a reason to be on Tinder or other such dating apps. This could be a measure of sexual prowess or may be a way of fulfilling their curiosity.
  3. Emotional validation: Validation is a very important part of our relationships. Emotional credibility and validation can drive a person closer to their partner or take them further away. When you forget the needs of your partner and place your needs over theirs, it is surely going to create a rift in your relationship.
  4. Falling out of love: Whether or not you believe it, this is a legit reason for someone to detour from their marriage. After years of marriage, a lot of people fall out of love due to years of disrespect, neglect or low self-esteem. This is one reason why you may end up on such apps.
  5. Sexual desire: Sexual desires could be a major, MAJOR reason, for someone who is committed, to be on Tinder. When you are sexually wanting for more or feel that you are sexually dissatisfied, cheating on your partner could be a very close next step.


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